Mary Gicharu takes over as CEO at iHub

iHub has announced the appointment of Mary Gicharu as the new MD from May 2017, with a promise to continue with the implementation of iHUB 2.0 that is guided by the mantra ‘Connect, Build, Invent’.

Ms Gicharu takes over from Kamal Bhattacharya who now becomes the chairman of iHub board.

She is expected to focus on operational excellence within the iHub and strengthen further collaboration with the community and will continue to create collaborative extensions and partnerships (local and international). She believes that the goal where “the iHub catalyzes the growth of the Kenyan tech community by connecting people, supporting startups, and surfacing information” is still a fundamental critical position which should extend to all localities in Kenya and that creates a model for Africa which is seeing innovation creating relevant solutions using technology, and enablement barriers being unlocked.

“We are in a revolutionary period where a new Africa filled with hope and creativity is not only emerging, but is catapulting!”, said Gicharu.

The incoming sees numerous opportunities for the company which has recently moved to a new ‘fresh’ space that has incorporated state of the art renovations for an optimal co-creation and collaborative space, and that is the pioneer center at a convenient location which the team is now expecting to be the ‘Innovation Corridor’ of the city.

Ms Gicharu moved back to Kenya in mid 2013 and was part of the team behind the implementation of Equity Group’s Equitel mobile banking platform. She also spent 8 years at Morgan Stanley (Investment Bank) in New York, US working as a Program Manager in the COO Office with hands on experience prior in implementations and integration management for business units.

“I am excited about extending myself to organizations & programs that are focused on creating solutions, expanding ideas, extending success and delivering on the promise of economic empowerment, inclusivity, and collaboration in Kenya and Africa as a whole. And we will do this with our values grounded on integrity and in an enjoyable environment. We don’t promise it is easy or predictable, but we guarantee you it is worthwhile in the end. As this journey of tenacity and discipline is what we see in our community members and believe is in the vein of each one of us,” said Gicharu according to a post on the iHUB blog.


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