Why you need to get the 24-inch Startimes Digital TV

Almost two months ago, pay TV firm StarTimes Media announced the roll-out of a new business unit in Kenya to market its ‘StarTimes’ branded digital TV sets in the country.

The new business unit is meant to provide a new line of business for the firm, by complementing the payTV division which has been in operating for the past five years.

Startimes Digital TVs come in 3 sizes – that is 24-inch (retailing for Kshs 18,999), 32-inch (going for Kshs 26,499)  and finally the 40-inch model which costs Kshs 38,999.

24-inch Startimes Digital TV

The 24″ TV set may be the smallest within the firm’s Digital TV range of products but this is its only handicap as it packs and has all the other features.

Just like in the larger-sized models in the Digital TV range, the 24-inch TV has the ability to receive both satellite and terrestrial television signals without connecting an external set top box.

Retailing at below Kshs 20,000, the 24-inch Startimes Digital TV decodes digital signals by itself thereby saving customers valuable resources which would have otherwise been utilized to acquire a separate Set Top Box (STB).

Ability to decode digital signals further means that it can receive signals of FTA channels, DTT and DTH services without connecting STB. It is also designed to save up to 50% power, thereby allowing subscribers to enjoy better viewing experience with less energy costs as well as full High Definition (HD) LED screen, Dolby audio system, wide voltage input, HDMI and USB ports that extend an array of options to the user.

Again, the fact that one doesn’t need a STB means that they won’t need to operate two remote controls in the house – that is one for the decoder and the other for the TV – as a single remote control is enough to watch the Startimes Digital TV.

StarTimes Digital TV adopts intelligent operation system, which supports remote system maintenance and upgrade. The intelligent operation system ensures that the digital TV can always run in optimum state and upgrade newest services and features of StarTimes.

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