Data bundles: How Telkom Kenya gives with one hand and takes with the other

Telkom Kenya is the only network or service provider caring enough to offer its subscribers free ‘Morning Glory’…in form of 50MB free mobile data bundles dubbed ‘Amkia MBundles’ which one can then use between 6 to 8am. And the telco has been doing everyday since the launch of the promo in April this year.

Of course we’re not sure whether the free Amkia MBundles are extended to all of Telkom Kenya’s almost 3 million subscribers or if the offer only applies to data users. The Telkom Kenya staff who (or team which) came up with the idea for the ‘Morning Glory’ bundles deserve recognition and a huge salary raise.

(TOP: The Xcell Internet bundles TVC. BELOW: A short video promo of the ‘Morning Glory’ or ‘AmkiaMBundles’).

Now, as indicated is the screenshot below, the Amkia MBundles are part of the Telkom Kenya’s daily bundle offerings, though unlike the others, it’s free to subscribers.

But after the Amkia bundles, Telkom Kenya’s other internet package that has become very popular since ins launch is the Xcell offers.  The Xcell Bundles, introduced in early 2016, are targeted at pre-paid internet on mobile and Internet Everywhere (modem) customers to enable them access data services more flexibly anf for longer periods.

The Xcell bundles are available in daily, weekly and monthly packages, depending on a subscriber’s needs and budget.

Apart from the various Xcell packages highlighted, there is the Weekly Xcell Bundle for Kshs 990. Unlike the Monthly proposition which gives the subscriber 6GB of data, customers were initially allocated 15GB of data for 1 week after subscribing to this package.

However, after some time, I noticed that the data allocation for the same Kshs 990 Xcell Weekly package had been reduced by 3GB. And this revision was done without a notification to clients, with Telkom Kenya only posting the revised bundle values on its portal.

This means that many clients opting for this package, without going to the portal as you can purchase the same by simply contacting Orange Kenya customer care to do the subscription, have been getting 3GB less of their normal 15GB data allocation from Telkom Kenya.

On inquiring on why the revision was made without notifying clients, here was the response: “We were able to change on the data plans earlier this month.The weekly Xcell data was able to change from the normal 15 GB to 12 GB now.Unfortunately this data plan can’t be accessed via the USSD but you will be able to purchase of the plan via the Orange recharge portal only.Please visit the link to learn more.Thanks…”

From the link provided, the Xcell data packages have been revised as shown below:

Even though the Weekly package has been revised downwards, this information should have been communicated to customers in good time so that they make informed decisions the next time when making an Xcell Bundle subscription.

The fact that this was not done – with the information only being availed on the telco’s website, which not many subscribers visit anyway – shows that where’s Telkom Kenya has been giving to customers in form of daily ‘Amkia MBundles’ it had already taken away when it reviewed the Weekly Xcell package.

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