For the ultimate viewing experience, get the 40-inch Startimes Digital TV

OK, we know – and we admitted in our previous post – that a TV set is not among the kind of household items and electronics that are changed and upgraded as frequently. Some households even choose to stay with a single set from the time kids are born till they leave their parents house.

But this should not always be the case. For example, many people change or acquire new mobile phones more frequently – maybe after the device is broken and becomes faulty or is lost – compared to other household items, with the cumulative cost of such devices over a period of time – say 5 years – exceeding even the cost of a TV set which has been in the household for decades.

Although the price of internet-enabled phones has dropped drastically, most entry-level smartphones still retail from about Kshs 10,000. This means that if you’re to buy a phone such a phone every year for 4 years, you’ll have spent about Kshs 40,000 within the same period.

Now that amount – Kshs 40,000 – is more than the cost of a 40-inch Startimes Digital TV which unlike a mobile phone which is used by an individual, would serve the whole household, providing visual entertainment for both family members as guests who come by.

Being the most advanced among the Startimes Digital TV range, the 40-inch comes with various features which are not available in the 24-inch and 32-inch TV sets. It has a VGA unlike the two smaller models, 2 HDM slots as well as 2 USB slots ( with one acting as a multi-media port while the other is for OS upgrade).

Like 24-inch and 32-inch models, the 40-inch Startimes Digital TV also comes with a 1-year warranty and is plug-and-watch – meaning that the customers does not need to acquire a decoder to use the TV.

The 40-inch Startimes Digital TV is also – in our opinion – the ideal model and size for football lovers and households with soccer fanatics more so at this time when the payTv provider is live screening the 2017 Fifa U-20 World Cup being played in South Korea and also scheduled to live broadcast next year’s Fifa World Cup in Russia.

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