IRONSCALES detects, remediates Gmail and Google Docs phishing attack

IRONSCALES, provider of automated email phishing response technologies, has announced that it successfully detected and remediated this week’s Gmail and Google Docs phishing attack for its customers across four continents.

The complex phishing event, which is projected to have compromised millions of Google apps users worldwide, was reported by several employees of IRONSCALES’ customers in real-time, which triggered IronTraps, its automatic email phishing remediation tool. Once reported, the email was removed from infected mailboxes and attack intelligence was automatically shared with IRONSCALES’ customers via Federation, its global email phishing intelligence network, which prevented the malicious email from affecting other organizations.

“Yesterday’s attack is another example of how sophisticated attackers have become with using phishing campaigns to bypass cyber defenses,” said Eyal Benishti, founder and CEO of IRONSCALES. “Organizations are currently spending millions of dollars on cybersecurity solutions that neglect to combat the root cause of breaches – phishing emails. IRONSCALES automated email phishing response technologies are uniquely suited to identify and remediate all types of phishing and email spoofing /impersonation (BEC) attacks before damages can occur.”

IRONSCALES customers on four continents spanning the logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, energy, education and satellite services industries, among others, were targeted by yesterday’s phishing attack. In total, several hundred mailboxes were remediated.

“Even though this specific attack made waves in the media, IRONSCALES is spotting and responding to similar attacks on a daily basis,” added Benishti.

IRONSCALES provides a multi-layered approach to prevent, detect and respond to today’s sophisticated email phishing attacks. By combining human awareness training with automatic incident response, automatic remediation and real-time actionable intelligence sharing, IRONSCALES reduces the time from phishing attack discovery to enterprise-wide remediation from months to seconds, without requiring any SOC team involvement.

IRONSCALES email security products include: IronTraps (automated email phishing incident response), IronSights (anti-impersonation & spoofing email security), Federation (an actionable email phishing intelligence sharing tool) and IronSchool (for advanced employee simulation & training).

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