INFOGRAPHIC: Top 10 largest data breaches in history

As more and more business infrastructure move online, so do those wishing to destroy or defraud that infrastructure. Cybercrime is a growing threat to corporations and consumers, who are increasingly using online methods to run their businesses and lives. With the advent of mobile computing and an expected 46 trillion connected devices in use by 2021, this will become more and more common.


The research, “The Future of Cybercrime & Security: Enterprise Threats & Mitigation 2017-2022“, presents the latest observable trends in cybercrime, as well as indicating the potential global cost of malicious software use. It will discuss specific threats to financial and device-based businesses, as well as providing analyses of the current and future trends in cybercriminal activity, alongside general advice on how to prevent and/or minimise the impact of cybercrime.

(Reproduced from Juniper Research website).


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