Africa Check to award journalists exposing false claims by public officers, entry deadline is August 31

The AFP Foundation is inviting print, broadcast and online journalists whose works hold public figures accountable to submit entries form its African Fact-Checking Awards and compete for cash prizes.

Organised through Africa Check, a project of the AFP Foundation, the African Fact-Checking Awards will also recognise journalism that exposes misleading claims made by public institutions.

Works must be original pieces of fact-checking journalism first published or broadcast between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017 by a media house based in Africa.  Entries may have been published or broadcast in French or English. The deadline is August 31, 2017.

Two winners will receive a cash prize of US $2,000, and two runners-up will receive a prize of US $1,000 each. There will also be a US $500 prize each for a winner of the best report by a student journalist in English- and French-speaking media.

The African Fact-Checking Awards, now in its fourth edition, were set up specifically to honour the best, non-partisan fact-checking journalism by working and student journalists on the continent.

In 2017, the organisers have added a student category as fact-checking continues to become an essential skill for any mainstream journalist to acquire.

Since launch, the awards has run them in partnership with the African Media Initiative (AMI) with support from the AFP news agency and the Shuttleworth Foundation. This year, the awards will be held in partnership with the Global Investigative Journalism Network, at the GIJN conference in Johannesburg, South Africa in November 2017.

Awards for working journalists

  • Best fact-checking report by a journalist in Anglophone media
  • Best fact-checking report by a journalist in Francophone media

Awards for students

  • Best fact-checking report by a student journalist published in Anglophone campus media or blog
  • Best fact-checking report by a student journalist published in Francophone campus media or blog

Entries – which can be submitted online – must be true fact-checking reports that focus solely on investigating fairly the accuracy of a claim made in public debate.

Criteria for judging entries:

  • The significance for wider society of the claim that was investigated
  • How well the claim was tested against the available evidence
  • How well the piece presented the evidence for and against the claim
  • The impact that the publication had on public debate on the topic
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