Jumia to sell 2kg maize flour at Kshs 45 during 5th anniversary sale

One of the most-sought commodities in Kenya currently is unga (or maize flour or ‘maize meal’ to the more refined). Mention unga anywhere – be it in a matatu, pub or even in Church – and you’ll sure get people’s attention.

I can even bet that that should you suddenly shout “Unga ndio hii chukua…” in the ears of two men in the middle of a brutal fight, they’ll come to their senses, stop throwing punches and kicking each other about, then smile and hug.

Perhaps seeing a business opportunity or seeking to ride on the unga wave, online retailer Jumia has partnered with Tuskys Supermarkets to offer unga as part of the items in the grocery portfolio.

Jumia is already selling the 2kg Soko packet of unga at a discounted price of Kshs 80, a price which is Kshs 10 less than what’s offered in other supermarkets. Of course this is minus the delivery costs which the consumer needs to take care of upon receipt of the items ordered.

Now, to make it even more attractive and irresistible to buyers and households within Nairobi, Jumia has today posted an advert on its social media pages announcing that the 2kg packet will retail for Kshs 45 during its 5th year anniversary sale set to run from July 3 – 9,2017.

To find out just how unga has become ‘popular’ or scarce, just check Jumia Kenya’s Facebook page and see how people can’t wait to get their hands on the Kshs 45 packet when the sale opens on July 3.


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