Web version of ABBYY Business Card Reader now gives users access to digitized contacts on a PC

ABBYY, a global provider of technologies and solutions to action information, has launched a cloud-based web client for ABBYY Business Card Reader available online. The new web version gives iOS and Android users access to their digitized contacts on a computer, in addition to a smartphone, tablet and Apple Watch.

Due to the cross-platform synchronization, business cards digitized using the mobile app are instantly uploaded to the cloud storage, which is encrypted and protected to guarantee user security and privacy.

The new web app makes working with long contact lists comfortable and efficient – on a larger computer screen, it is much easier to view both sides of each business card, edit contact information, manage groups, add and update notes, send emails, visit partners’ websites or look up addresses on the map.

“More than 50% of BCR users have 100+ digitalized business cards in their card holders. Over 65% of these users have expressed the need for a web client. Now when abbyybcr.com is live, they will be able to work with contacts more effectively and therefore achieve goals faster using ABBYY Business Card Reader as their cross-platform contact management solution,” comments Ivan Bodyagin, VP, Head of Text Recognition Products at ABBYY. “Of course, it is only the first step – the web client will be regularly updated with new features and functionalities”.

ABBYY Business Card Reader helps easily save contacts and put them into action. Using ABBYY’s optical character recognition technology, BCR for iOS and Android digitalizes business cards in 25 languages with exceptional accuracy and speed. All the data including name, last name, company, position, phone number, email, website, and even QR codes is automatically saved in the app or smartphone’s contacts. BCR’s own Card Holder offers easy search, sort and group functions, as well as one-click digital card exchange, export to Excel and social media search.

ABBYY Business Card Reader complements the company’s comprehensive portfolio of tools that simplify capture, digitization, and extraction of data. ABBYY’s offering ranges from mobile-based information capture and OCR, to enterprise-level automated document processing and data extraction.

To use ABBYY Business Card Reader’s web client, open ABBY BCR portal, click ‘Login’ and enter the email and password you used to synchronize your contacts with the cloud in the mobile app.

The web app works with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. All the features of abbyybcr.com are free for the users of the ABBYY BCR mobile app.



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