Robert Alai transforms Techmtaa into digital agency, migrates all content to KahawaTungu

On January 2 this year, controversial activist and blogger Robert Alai posted on Facebook: “Prepared for 2017 and we start from #CES2017” and shared the redesigned logo of his tech blog TechMtaa below the post. Many mistakenly thought Alai was thinking of redesigning then relaunching his blog.

But now, it can be confirmed that he’s however decided to transform the previous technology and business blog into a digital agency as he seeks to build a relationship with corporates and attract business from brands.

TechMtaa was for a long time the go-to website for both conventional and controversial news and updates on the country’s and region’s technology scene.

However, because TechMtaa mainly focused on the coverage of technology, Alai later decided to start another blog – KahawaTungu – which had a broader coverage scope as it could handle other issues apart from just technology.

KahawaTungu soon became Alai’s point of focus, breaking gossipy stories about the goings-on in Kenya’s corporate cycles which could not be touched or covered by mainstream media outlets due to commercial and other interests by editorial bosses. However, the rise of KahawaTungu had an adverse effect on TechMtaa as it soon began to suffer and slump in terms of content and subsequently readership and the resultant traffic.

In its heyday, TechMtaa had an Alexa traffic rank of below 200 in Kenya. But thanks to lack of regular content being added to site, this ranking has since dropped significantly and currently stands at above 20,000 compared to other sites in Kenya.

But as TechMtaa was experiencing a slump, KahawaTungu seems to have been picking up steadily. Currently, the site ranks at just over 1,000 compared to other websites in the country and below 1 million when compared to other sites globally.

And now, Alai has decided to grow KahawaTungu – which has undergone a face-lift together with a new logo – as the news platform and transform TechMtaa into a digital agency. This has involved migrating all content from TechMtaa to KahahaTungu’s ‘Technology’ segment. Apart from Technology, KahawaTungu’s other sections are – Business, Entertainment, Gossip, Politics and Sports.

TechMtaa – which has been published since 2010 – has just embarked on the next phase of its life after it was also redesigned from a news blog to a site with a more corporate feel. Unlike in the past when its sections were mainly news content-related, the site is now segmented into ‘Home’; ‘About Us’; ‘Services’; ‘Blog’ and ‘Contact Us’.

And as a Digital Agency, TechMtaa is already getting noticed by top brands perhaps due to Alai’s influence and huge following and currently handles digital marketing for Gillete, the men’s safety razors and personal care products brand.

“Techmtaa is the holding company. is for the corporate site and digital agency now doing big business in the digital space. We handled digital marketing for Gillette recently… The recent successful one,” stated Alai via WhatsApp.


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