Generation Z in the workplace – Sage highlights 10 things you need to know

The workplace is constantly changing. Some older members of staff leave organisations to explore new opportunities while others proceed to retirement, new staff – in some cases much younger than those who’ve left – come in to take over the vacant positions.

This new generation of staff, some born after the mid 1990s, have a different understanding of the world they live in compared to the generation before it as the they up grew when mobile telephony had already taken over the continent as the preferred mode of communication.

(TOP: Generation Z. Photo: Ita Group).

Members of this generation, also called Generation Z, are recognised as the first fully mobile and digitally connected generation. They also have their unique ways of doing things and peculiarities – they mostly speak their own language and are in most cases disconnected from the other older members of their own family – and workplace.

Having members of Generation Z among staff means that organisations need to devise and find ways of effectively managing and integrating them into the team. But how can the this be done without alienating them further?

Below, Sage explains through an infographic the top 10 things one needs to know to achieve this feat:

(An infographic by Sage).


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