Hellas Sat opens sales office in Jo’burg, South Africa, appoints new head of Africa region

Hellas Sat, a satellite operator offering services in Europe, Middle East and Africa, has announced the opening of its new sales office in Johannesburg, South Africa, in a bid to strengthen its presence in the region.

The new office will allow Hellas Sat to increase the scope of its operations in South Africa, providing a new in-region, direct contact for sales and marketing while helping maintain its long-standing relationships within the South African telco industry.

Antonis Maniatis, who has more than a decade of experience in the South African telco industry, as well as holding an MSc in Satellite Communications, will manage the new office and act as the primary contact for the region. He will also be responsible for business development, as well as account management of the leading communication services and media companies operating in the region.

“The telco market in South Africa and the wider region is evolving at a rapid rate, with changing customer behavior putting increased demands on service providers,” said Maniatis. “In opening this new office, Hellas Sat has shown its commitment to helping those service providers meet the demands of their customers, as well as illustrating its desire to further its great relationships with the industry across the region.”

The new office follows the successful launch of the HS-3 satellite in June 2017, with which Hellas Sat secured additional capacity, along with superior coverage for the dynamic region of Sub-Saharan Africa. The new capacity of HS-3 will be complemented with cross-region connectivity solutions between Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa for both data and broadcasting services.


Hellas Sat offers services in Europe, Middle East and Africa. It was established in August 2001 and owns and operates the Hellas Sat 2 & Hellas Sat 3 high power satellites at 39 degrees East, enabling in orbit backup possibilities. The successful launch of Hellas Sat 3 in 2017 will be followed by Hellas Sat 4 in 1H 2018, with new satellites delivering additional Ka & Ku capacity and services over the EMEA region. The company has been focusing on the development of the orbital position of 39° East into an attractive alternative proposition for video broadcasting, as well as VSAT applications and through the successful operation of three DTH platforms is broadcasting more than 300 HD and SD TV channels to more than 2.9 million households. Since April 2013, Hellas Sat is part of the Arabsat Group.


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