NASA Coalition launches news website as campaigns reach homestretch

With less than two weeks to the general elections, the National Super Alliance (NASA) Coalition has upped its online campaign efforts with a new news website NASA News, published under the slogan: “News no one else is reporting”.

NASA News is the brainchild of Salim Lone who served as an adviser to former PM and current NASA Presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga and ODM director of communications during the 2007 general elections. Mr Lone returned to Kenya in mid June to coordinate NASA Coalition’s communications team.

The NASA News team is led by John Otieno as the Editor with the support from Dorothy Jebet and David Matende.

According to a source close to the NASA secretariat, the team was asked by NASA “to do a news website for the final two weeks” leading to the elections on August 8.

However, who has a long-working relationship with Salim Lone has been with the NASA campaign communication’s team for much longer even before the news website went live. Onyando, a former editor at now-defunct Kenya Times newspaper also runs Kenya Free Press website from where he took a two-month leave in June to focus on NASA News. than this  But I’ve been working for them as part of Salim Lone’s communication group for six weeks now. Mwanaa Mulee is now holding brief at Kenya Free Press in Onyando’s absence. Only for two weeks because we want to change perceptions about some key races and issues.

Dorothy Jebet is a veteran journalist who served for long as an Editor at the Standard newspaper while David Matende was also an Editor at Kenya Times.

NASA News will now join the list of other websites that have been known to publish opposition-leaning content including the Kenya Today.

Among the sections in the NASA News site are National which captures issues of national interest; Counties for content from the various regions in the country; Elections Countdown for highlights related to the August polls; The Nasarite which carries opinions and commentary; Press Statements; Editorial and Opinion which is similar to The  Nasarite; Media where various video clips from NASA events are posted and NASA Campaign LIVE.

A WhosIs search indicates that the website is registered in the US state of Arizona to DomainsByProxy as can be seen from the screenshot above.


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