Want to try ShowMax? Get a free trial voucher, even if you don’t have a credit card

I was properly introduced to Showmax in November last year. I say ‘properly’ because, prior to this, though the brand had been available in Kenya since May 2016, I hadn’t managed to sample the content on offer for subscribers, so didn’t really know what it was all about.

But in late 2016, an opportunity presented itself to interact with the brand and its content in more detail. And I took it up without any second thoughts, no reservations at all.

I knew I would have to register via my PC as Showmax is an online service, but I also expected that I would have to purchase a subscription before I could access and enjoy the content. Though Showmax at the time offered a 14-day free trial to entice new users, the only way to qualify for the free trial was by entering credit card details.

But that was last year. The great news is that, as of July this year, Showmax has evolved to now offer 14-day free trials to all new users, even those who don’t have credit cards.

This is excellent for anyone keen to try out the service without first having to purchase a subscription, and proves that Showmax has really been listening to customer feedback.

So now, instead of having to enter credit card details to get the 14-day free trial, new users to the Showmax platform are being issued with a free trial voucher after following a few very quick, simple, easy steps.

Let’s go through the process of securing your free Showmax trial using a trial voucher.

  1. As a new user, you will be directed to this link, which opens to the page below:You are requested to fill in your mobile number to get the trial voucher.
  1. Once you’ve provided your mobile number and clicked on “SMS my trial voucher,” you’ll then be redirected to this page:

Meanwhile, the message with the voucher code is sent to your phone:

  1. Clicking on the link underneath the code in the SMS – as in the message above – leads you to this page:
  2. Click on the blue YES, PROCEED button and then enter the voucher code.
  3. Click on the blue START WATCHING button that you’ll see as in the image below, and you’ll be redirected to the main page (featuring all of Showmax’s movies, series, documentaries and kids’ shows) as in the first image at the beginning of the post.

With the 14-day free trial, you’ll then be free to enjoy as much exciting Showmax content as you can, for free, for 2 weeks!

Now, why not dash to the Showmax portal on your phone or PC, register and get your trial voucher then sit back and enjoy all the content that you possibly can throughout the week and over the weekend?

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