BREAKING: TECNO Spark is coming soon… And here’s why it’s a big deal

By  Frankline Kibuacha

Open your calendar, go to this date – August 21st- and write this in the event description [Tecno Spark]. Just do it, we will wait. ?

Done that? Now, listen to this – Tecno will be launching an awesome phone on the 21st of August 2017. The phone will be exclusive to Kilimall, at a “you-gotta-take-it” price. The name of the phone is Tecno Spark!

What’s in the name? You know Tecno, right? The phone that has been with us so long we have seen it change to literally win over the world with cutting edge smartphone technology. What we need to tell you is about Spark.

Here is Tecno SPARK:

Tecno Spark exclusive on Kilimall

Beautiful, right? Yes, looks just right, a phone to proudly chuck out at a table of friends.

Yet beauty is not all you get with Tecno Spark. I don’t want to get started on the subtle  feel, or the camera, or the speed and security of its fingerprint sensors.

For all these specs, the price will be unbelievable.

And if you are among the first 100 to get Tecno Spark or Tecno Spark Plus on Kilimall,
  • You will get a FREE selfie stick to use the camera mentioned above,
  • A FREE phone holder,
  • Kilimall Cash Rewards,
  • And a surprise package.

So, did you mark your calendar?

(Reproduced from the Kilimall blog).

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