Humphrey Odhiambo, CIO East Africa founding editor, returns to his former role

Veteran business and technology editor Humphrey Odhiambo has rejoined Kommunications Ultimate as the Editor of CIO East Africa magazine. Odhiambo, who also edited now-defunct tech magazines – telecoms and – in early 2000s was the founding editor of CIO East Africa when it was first published here under license from IDG International.

Prior to his first stint at CIO East Africa as the founding editor, Odhiambo had been the PR Director at Bertolli and Associates, one of the country’s pioneer PR firms which handled the Microsoft account for a number of years.

(TOP: Humphrey Odhiambo, new CIO East Africa editor, during a past event. Photo: BuyRentKenya).

He led the CIO East Africa editorial team – then composed of Alex Owiti and Yusuf Wangara (Imani Hakeem on Facebook) – from 2008 till late 2009 when he left together with the designer Sam Morara Ngare to found a property expo and interior decor events company – Real Wealth – as the CEO. Real Wealth also published an interior decor magazine – Ideal Interiors – where Odhiambo was the Editorial Director while Morara was in charge of design, layout and production.

There are unconfirmed reports that Real Wealth had lately been facing financial challenges, a situation which must have left the founder and CEO with no other option apart from seeking employment again.

On his departure, he was succeeded by Zachary Ochieng’, who led the team for a while before leaving for PR and now with Corporate Talk.

On his second stint to the publication whose founding he played a major role in, he takes over from Robert Hough who left the publication early this year after being in charge of the editorial team – composed of three reporters (Lilian Mutegi, Baraka Jefwa and Jeanette Oloo) – for less than 3 months.

Interestingly, Odhiambo will now be working together with Laura Chite who was part of the Microsoft team, Bertolli & Associates clients where he formerly worked as a PR executive. Laura joined Kommunication Ultimate early this year as the CEO.


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