Poa! Internet launches Kshs 10 per hour unlimited bundles in Kibera and Kawangware

Poa! Internet, the low-cost community internet provider, has launched unlimited internet in bundles that start at Kshs 10 per hour, drastically cutting the cost of getting online in a move to encourage the youth in Kibera and Kawangware to use the Internet to the full without worrying about their data costs.

“We believe the move to such cheap unlimited data will transform the way our customers use the Internet,” said Andy Halsall, the Poa! CEO.

Poa! Internet, which was launched a year ago, now has tens of thousands of customers in Kibera and recently launched its services in Kawangware as part of its mission to provide Internet to the country’s low-income communities.

The launch of its unlimited mini-packages cuts the cost of using apps such as WhatsApp, which typically use around 44MB of data an hour, from a minimum of Kshs 27.5 using the closest competing service on offer, down to just Kshs 10.

“Our aim is that this move to Internet ‘time’ instead of data counting – right down to the smallest unit of one hour – will put our users onto a completely different plane of communication and Internet use,” continued Andy.

Unlimited data bundles represent an even greater dividend for Poa!’s customers when using data heavy apps such as YouTube or watching movies, these typically use around 700MB of data an hour and so the cost of watching a two-hour film when counting MB’s would usually be around Kshs 700. Using Poa! Internet time bundles, the cost will be just Kshs 20.

“We genuinely believe that in our mission to give every Kenyan Internet access, moving to ultra-low cost unlimited bundles is a game changer,” said Andy.

Poa! now plans a rapid expansion in its community Internet programme, which sets up its Internet points in local schools, clinics and community buildings, giving free Internet to these community groups. Poa! then uses the same Internet points to offer low cost access to paying users throughout the rest of the community.

The ISP has moved its entire pricing model to unlimited time bundles, now offering hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly unlimited usage.

Poa! Internet’s network is based on WiFi technology. The firm currently operates in Kibera and Kawangware in Nairobi, Kenya.


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