Airtel Kenya takes data bundle war to Telkom with cheaper 1GB and 2GB offers

For long, Telkom (Orange Kenya) has had the best bundled offers when it comes to data services. What with the daily offer of Kshs 9 for 15MB; Kshs 49 for 400MB and Kshs 250 for 2GB of data. Added to these has been the free 50MB Amkia bundle, free WhatsApp access (for those with existing data bundles) and free 1GB data for subscribers within the firm’s 4G coverage areas.

But now, Telkom’s rival Airtel Kenya appears to have smelt the coffee (maybe from Telkom’s clients complaining about the unstable data service) and is not taking the competition from its closest competitor while lying down.

Airtel – which previously offered 200MB of data for Kshs 50 and 2GB for Kshs 500 – has now revised its prices downwards.

According to the offers introduced on October 6, Airtel Kenya subscribers can now get more value – in terms of data – for the same amount they used to spend previously. The bundles begin from the daily 1GB bundle for Kshs 99.

This means for Kshs 99, Airtel Kenya subscribers are now getting more in terms of data value compared to their colleagues on Telkom. Whereas Telkom users get a total of 800MB when they subscribe twice for the daily 400MB bundle at a total cost of Kshs 98, Airtel Kenya on the other hand gives its users a full 1GB bundle for Kshs 99, a difference of 200MB.

The only saving grace – or consolation – for Telkom clients is the free WhatsApp access, 50MB Amkia bundle (which has to be used to between 6 to 8am) and the free 1GB access to the 4G network (for those with 4G-enabled and within the 4g area).

Safaricom even offers less in terms to data value for the same price as can be seen below. That’s why it’s not part of the comparison as we feel the firm’s client’s were not Airtel Kenya’s target when the telco was introducing the revised prices and bundled offers.


Even though stats on the various data offers – according to the number of subscribers that have signed up – by respective telcos is unavailable, they are definitely popular gauging from the comments by users on social media.

The Communications Authority of Kenya’s latest stats – for January to March 2017 – indicate that there was a nominal growth on the estimated internet users of 2.3 per cent to stand at 40.5 million from 39.6 million users reported at the end of the previous period, translated into an estimated internet/ data penetration level of 89.4 per during the quarter under review.

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