Education solutions vendor jp.ik takes up diamond sponsorship at Innovation Africa Summit

jp.ik will be at the 7th edition of Innovation Africa, from October 23 to 25, 2017 in Maputo, Mozambique, which is the referral ministerial meeting in Africa, bringing together over 40 Ministers from Africa and the private sector to lead the ambitious transformation of Education in the Africa.

Following the success of last year’s edition, under the motto “Designed & Made for Africa, By Africa”, this year jp.ik presents its unique vision on “Projects with a Vision for the Future of Education in Africa”.

For three days, jp.ik, the world leader in the implementation of large-scale educational projects, will meet with various government agents to present the innovative approach regarding technological integration in Education based on three pillars – Pedagogy, Technology and Engineering.

Considering the scarcity of school infrastructures in some regions, jp.ik will present the Popup School solution, having installed a unit in the outdoor area of the Event. The Popup School is a convertible educational building – during the day this infrastructure can function as a classroom and at night and weekend as a community center open to the entire local community. In addition, Popup School distinguishes itself as an integrated and modular solution of rapid implementation.

For jp.ik, Pedagogy is a differentiating element that adds value to all our Educational Projects. Therefore, during these three days jp.ik will promote some workshops for the local educational community aiming to raise public profile of this jp.ik’s solution.

This 7th edition of Innovation Africa was organized under the official patronage of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Higher and Technical Education and the Ministry of Education and Human Development of Mozambique. In 2016, the Summit recorded 1,200 individual meetings among 560 delegates from 48 countries.

jp.ik specializes in the implementation of innovative and sustainable educational solutions that foster the transformation of communities through Technology, Engineering and Pedagogy. The knowledge acquired in projects developed around the world makes jp.ik the referral partner to create, integrate and boost technology in Education.

jp.ik has operations in more than 70 countries and has since 2008 influenced the lives of more than 14 million students worldwide. Over a decade, jp.ik has implemented more than 20 large-scale educational projects.

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