Fortinet among three cybersecurity firms named in Fortune Future 50 list

By Bill McGee

Fortinet has been listed in the inaugural Fortune Future 50 list, a new ranking of elite companies best positioned for breakout growth. Produced in partnership with BCG, the rankings were determined based on the analysis of 15 years of financial results from 2,300 publicly traded U.S. companies as well as over 70,000 10-K reports. This analysis was conducted using an advanced AI algorithm designed to assess an organization’s long-term orientation, their emphasis on things such as adaptation and sustainability, their market potential combined with their capacity to deliver on that potential, and the clarity of expression in a company’s strategy and vision.

The list is divided into two different groups—those with a market value above US $20 billion – designated as “Leaders” – and those below – which are named as “Challengers.” Not surprisingly, more than two-thirds of the “Challengers”, like Fortinet, come from the InfoTech sector, along with more than half of the companies ranked as “Leaders.” Of the 50 named organizations, however, only three are focused on cybersecurity, which serves to further highlight the advantages of Fortinet’s radical approach to securing today’s digital businesses.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Fortinet is built around a culture of cutting edge innovation, with more than 400 current technology patents with another 300 pending – more than the rest of the cybersecurity industry combined. We have also issued 85,000 network security certifications through our Network Security Expert Program. We also collaborate with global universities across 66 countries to ensure that the right curriculum, resources, and training are in place to develop the next generation of security professionals, partner with international organizations such as NATO and Interpol, and are committed to increasing global intelligence sharing as a founder of the Cyber Threat Alliance.

According to Fortinet president and CEO Ken Xie, “From the beginning, we saw security was an important part of the network, and we set our focus on long-term investments and innovation. Years of development focused around five key stages of security development – detection, prevention, integration, performance, and value – have positioned us to provide the comprehensive strategies and technology necessary for protecting the connected digital world we are building together.”

Fortinet is shaping the future of cybersecurity with its integrated Security Fabric architectural framework designed to empower our customers with intelligent, automated protection, highly integrated security systems, and the performance required to protect organizations at the speed of business. In addition, Fortinet’s Fabric Ready ecosystem of partners extends the visibility and control benefits of the Fortinet Security Fabric to customers’ existing network infrastructure, from on-premise, to IoT and multi-cloud environments.

Fortinet’s mission is especially critical now as we move into an increasingly hyper-connected world while addressing a growing cyberthreat landscape. This recognition by Fortune of Fortinet’s vision, commitment to innovation, and strong position in the marketplace is noteworthy, and should serve to further emphasize to today’s business leaders that Fortinet is especially well positioned to provide the comprehensive protection they need as they transition into the digital economy.

(From Fortinet blog).


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