#DStvNaInternet – The importance of internet to Kenyan households

This past week, someone posted on Facebook that schools have closed and students would be home for the longest period – 77 days. That is two and a half months of having children at home and away from school.

Class 8 students begin their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) this Tuesday before they proceed to the long December holidays while their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) counterparts will join them later in the month after sitting their finals exams to wait for the results at home.

(TOP: Erick Odipo, MD, Multichoice Kenya – left – and Aldo Mareuse, CEO, Telkom during the launch of the #DStvNaInternet promo).  

This means that apart from having primary and secondary school kids in the house for over 2 months, households and families now have to contend with the presence of their comparatively older siblings – those who have just sat their KCPE and KCSE exams – also being in the house during this period.

Of course having every member of the family within the same roof is itself not a bad thing, it’s every parent and guardian’s dream. More so at this time when we’re approaching the Christmas season.

But what will the children be doing in the house all this time, what will be keeping them occupied while in the house, what activities will keep them engaged? I know some will be quick to point out that they can be studying but this is far from the truth. The last thing a child who’s through with one class and at home while waiting to proceed to the next class wants to be constantly reminded of is books and studying.

Again, remember that while in the house, children aged say between say 7 to 15 years will not have the same TV viewing preferences. While the younger ones maybe more inclined towards cartoons and other such kids’ content, the teenagers may not enjoy such. This leads to the question and dilemma of which shows to watch and who decides on what to be watched.

This is where we feel DStv Na Internet offer, developed by Multichoice Kenya in partnership with Telkom, can come in handy and help families avoid potential conflicts related to who gets to watch on TV.

As part of the DStv Na Internet promo, subscribers get a full kit DStv HD Zappa decoder – at a cost of Kshs 6,999 – coupled with a free Orange MiFi router pre-loaded with 10GB of internet bundles and one month viewing on the DStv Compact package.

Commenting on the thinking behind the partnership, Telkom Kenya’s CEO, Aldo Mareuse said: “This MiFi router offers high speed plug and play data product that supports up to 15 users. The free 10GB Internet bundle goes to show that we have the customer at heart and want to give them the opportunity to experience our data offering and making an informed long-term choice of Internet service provider based on their experience without network.”

And of course, all this has been developed from constant engagement with customers to find out how to serve them better by delivering even more value as emphasized by MultiChoice MD, Eric Odipo.

“Our mission is to deliver value to our customers by making great entertainment more accessible…We listen to our customers to understand their changing lives, the pressures they face and what matters most to them,” said Odipo, adding:

“We are committed to using these insights to put customers at the heart of all the decisions that each of us makes every day. We’re reshaping our business to improve our customers’ experience, whenever and wherever they engage with us”.

The offer also allows subscribers to view the best family entertainment on DStv Compact including Premier League on SuperSport 11 and La Liga on SuperSport7, exciting kids channels including Disney Cbeebies, Cartoon Network and Jim Jam, soapies for romance lovers with channels like Telemundo and Eva+, fashion and entertainment news on E! Entertainment, Spice TV and Fashion One, and local shows and movies on, Maisha Magic East and Maisha Magic Bongo.

DStv Compact also has movies for the whole family on Discovery Family, M-Net Action, Universal Channel and M-Net Action, 24 hour music channels on Hip TV and Sound City, religious programming on Faith Broadcasting Network, Day Star, Emmanuel Tv, Kingdom Africa, Islam Channel and EWTN and local and international news on BBC World News, Al Jazeera, CCTV and Bloomberg.

The Telkom MiFi router – with 10GB of free data – offers high speed plug and play internet and can support up to 15 users. Now here’s where we think this is important: imagine a household with a kid in lower primary, another in Class 7, another who’s sitting his (or her) KCPE this week and older sibling who’s doing KCSE. All the four siblings can’t be expected to sit around the TV watching the same programme.

But with the free internet, the KCSE and KCSE candidates could decide to stream and watch their preferred content from their mobile devices while letting their two younger siblings have control of the TV.

In the evenings and over the weekends, parents (and guardians) can also log into their PCs (most people currently carry their work home) and using the same free data, either do their work-related research or check office mail before they report to work the following day just to keep updated. Remember those colleagues who’re notorious for sending Monday morning invites via email on Sunday evening?

Still in the evenings and over the weekends, while the children have taken control of the family TV in the sitting room while constantly shifting channels looking for what to watch, parents can decide to catch up with the day’s latest news and developments from their PCs by streaming and browsing the various news websites.

Ultimately, the DStv Na Internet offers ensures that in addition to compelling content from Multichoice, the subscribers now also have the convenience of high-speed internet provided as a package.

“Kenya now has over 85 per cent internet penetration according to the Communication Authority and this offering which brings together the convenience of the internet and great TV content via DStv will simplify the lives of our customers. This partnership without a doubt provides our customers with the solutions they are looking for in modern day living,” noted Telkom CEO Aldo Mareuse.


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