After Airtel Kenya, Telkom follows suit with its own 1GB daily bundle for Kshs 99

When it comes to attracting and retaining subscribers with irresistible data bundle offers, the competition among the telcos is definitely between just two – that is Airtel Kenya and Telkom. Of late, whenever Telkom develops a package to entice new and existing subscribers, Airtel Kenya follows sooner or later with a similar or better offer to get people using its data services.

It all started with the XL data offers from Telkom’s predecessor, Orange, which was soon followed by UnlimiNET data bundles from Airtel Kenya.

Currently, the two telco’s seem to have forgotten – or are slowly forgetting – about there respective offers, that is XL and UnlimiNET and concentrating their focus on developing new data offers, while at the same time craning their necks to see what the competition is doing.

And now, over a month after Airtel Kenya introduced 1GB (for Kshs 99 with a 1-day validity ) and 2GB offer (for Kshs 250 with a 1-week validity), Orange has now launched a similar offer – a daily 1GB offer for Kshs 99.

For now, we can only wait to see who – between Telkom and Airtel Kenya – will come up with another offer which will then be cloned by the other.

If not, then just like its tagline, Telkom will find itself “moving with” Airtel Kenya – copying and cloning whatever offers it develops and introduces in the market.


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