Showmax now pilots a new package bundled with data for subscribers in Kenya

Towards the end of June this year, we did a post in which we asked Showmax to consider having its various subscription packages to be bundled with data (or internet).

This is because subscribing to Showmax (and paying Kshs 330 or Kshs 880) is not the ultimate pass to accessing VoD provider’s content. After one has signed up and chosen a particular package, the client still needs to have an internet connection (or bundle) to stream or download content to watch later. And there’s where our issue of a ‘bundled’ offer comes in.

But now, almost four months later, Showmax has introduced a new promo which is similar to – if not way better than – what we had proposed in our post.

In the offer, targeted at both new and existing clients of the VOD service, one gets 3 months access for just Kshs 250. But that’s not all – the promo also gives subscribers 5GB of free internet from Safaricom.

The message announcing the offer which has posted on the Showmax website states: “Get 5GBs on the house and 3 months of Showmax for just Ksh250. If you’re one of the first 1,000 customers who returns to Showmax with our limited offer of 3 months’ worth of Showmax for only Ksh250 when paying with M-Pesa, you’ll receive a 5GB free data reward!”

The promo, which has been running from November 17, 2017 (of course until the rewards run out) only needs one to reactivate their Showmax account by paying for 3 months of Showmax and hope – if not pray – that they are among the first 1,000 people to re-activate their accounts.

We are sure that once subscribers exhaust the free 5GB internet before the 3 months, some will even subscribe to additional bundles to watch more content from Showmax, thereby boosting Safaricom’s data revenues in the process.

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