Multichoice subscribers can now watch their content via DStv Now app

SuperSport has launched a new app, DStv Now, designed to provide users with a fresh, modern experience that makes content discovery easier. Navigation has been refined with all the standards – live scoring, fixtures, results, tables, news and short-form video highlights – still available.

The major difference, however, is that SuperSport’s live channel streaming is now hosted at the DStv Now app, ensuring the breadth of DStv’s channel offerings are contained at a single destination. This will ensure the best viewing experience as DStv Now has been optimally set up to provide the best support and stability for live streaming.

Users of the SuperSport app needn’t be concerned – they will be automatically redirected to the DStv Now app in the event of them seeking live sport streaming. Log-in requirements remain the same as before with users needing to use their DStv log-in details, which require their smart-card number.

Navigation is simple on DStv Now, with users simply having to click on the drop-down menu to “live TV” and then locate their preferred channel. The SuperSport app is available to all users (both DStv and non-DStv subscribers), although live streaming is available only to Premium, Compact and Compact Plus subscribers using their connect ID’s.

As the live-streaming technology sits in the DStv Now app, users must download it. Both the DStv Now and SuperSport apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

Content is free on the apps, but data charges apply.

The SuperSport app is available in all countries. However, only sub-Saharan African countries, where SuperSport’s satellite services are available, will have access to the video highlights.

Unlike the SuperSport app, the DStv Now app is only available in DStv-enabled countries (sub-Saharan Africa).

The SuperSport channels available on the DStv Now app include SuperSport Blitz (channel 200) through to channel 212.


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