Why not upgrade your living room with StarTimes Digital TV this Christmas?

StartTimes Media introduced its branded Digital TV sets locally in late 2016. Available in three screen sizes – that is 24-inch, 32-inch and 40-inch, the sets have since become very popular with the payTV service provider’s clients. Of course not every Startimes subscriber in Kenya has managed to get their hands on a Startimes-branded TV set.

And now, just like last year, Startimes would like more people to own the branded TVs through a promo during this festive season.

During the Christmas promo, called #UpgradeNaStarTimes, subscribers have an opportunity to acquire either the 32-inch or 42-inch TVs at discounted prices. But that’s not all as the offer comes bundled together with other incentives meant to appreciate loyal customers this Christmas.

Those who opt for the 32-inch StarTimes Digital TV (pictured above) will purchase it at only Kshs 23,999 (instead of the regular price of Kshs 26,499, thereby making a saving of Kshs 2,500 – which can be used to buy a goat or several chicken for Christmas). The offer also comes with a 1 month free access to Unique Bouquet. Meaning that by purchasing the 32-inch StarTimes Digital TV now, you’ll only think about subscription fees at the end of January.

The 32-inch – which we reviewed mid this year – packs some interesting features. For example, it is still very slim and light, making it easy to carry around when need be. It comes with a full one-year warranty, giving customers a peace of mind as the TV can be taken back to the partner shop for any repairs for free during the warranty period. It’s also plug-and-watch, meaning that the customer does not need to install external aerials, which more often than not come with additional technician costs.

Then there’s the ultimate offer for the new 42-inch StarTimes Digital TV for Kshs 39,999, a huge and attractive offer considering that its 40-inch counterpart, when it was launched here, was going for Kshs 40,000. Those who are keen and have decided to go all out to give their family members and guests an unforgettable viewing experience this Christmas by acquiring the 42-inch StarTimes Digital TV (pictured below) will also benefit from a 1 month free access to either Super or Unique Bouquet. And before I forget, the 42-inch TV also comes with a free StarTimes dish.

Now that amount – Kshs 40,000 – is more than the cost of a 40-inch Startimes Digital TV which unlike a mobile phone which is used by an individual, would serve the whole household, providing visual entertainment for both family members as guests who come by.

Just like the 40-inch model, the 42-inch StarTimes Digital TV set comes VGA, 2 HDM slots as well as 2 USB slots ( with one acting as a multi-media port while the other is for OS upgrade).

That’s why you need to head to the StartTimes portal and choose how you’d want to upgrade your household’s TV viewing experience this Christmas. And even become the envy of the neighbours, of course by inviting them over to feast their eyes on your new acquisition.

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