Here are Kenya’s most widely read topics of 2017 according to Opera Mini

Over the course of a year, the data collected in various African nations – particularly in Kenya, where Opera Mini serves 86% of the mobile market, and Nigeria, where our browser is preferred by 71% of users – can reveal some fascinating insights into which topics and content captured the attention of the public the most.

We’ve crunched the numbers, and here are the topics that captivated Kenyan audiences in 2017.

  1. Football

Football continues to rank at the top of the list of Kenya’s top online interests, as it does with much of the rest of Africa. Mobile browsing has proven to be the perfect way to get sports news and the latest league gossip, not to mention match results and fixtures, for busy fans on the go.

  1. Hard topics & politics

Unlike their Nigerian counterparts – who tend to favour light-hearted lifestyle, celebrity and gossip content in their mobile browsing habits – Kenyans like to keep their fingers on the political pulse, following local and international news stories avidly.

  1. New Media – Local and International

Websites and blog that provide easy-to-read, highly graphic and video-rich content continue to rise in popularity, with Nigerian audiences showing a growing appetite for international titles.

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