With the kids at home, here are the channels they can watch on StarTimes

Christmas is just 5 days away, which is next week Monday December 25. However, even as we wait to celebrate the day of Jesus’ birth, we have to entertain the young ones who are currently at home for the December holidays. And what better way to keep them entertained and enlightened – by providing what’s currently called ‘edutainment’ – than having them watch huge catalogue of content available on StarTimes?

(TOP: SpongeBob Squareopants flyer on Startimes‘ Facebook page).  

Here are highlights of what you can have your children tune to ensure that they’re sufficiently ‘edutained’ this Christmas, now that you’ve already heeded the call to #UpgradeNaStarTimes:

Mindset Learn: Offers a number of educational content which are ideal for learners which is quite relevant considering that schools open on January 3, 2018. So there’s really no time to relax. Mindset Learn also features expert panels composed of teachers who go over what the students had covered in class previously in various subjects including Accounting, Mathematics, Physical Science and English among others.      

BabyTV: Still on edutainment, there’s BabyTV which provides 24 hours of top-quality content developed by educational experts for children below 5 years. The channel meant to accompany the family routine and divided into daytime and night-time broadcasts. During the day programming is upbeat, with short-form episodes which explore a variety of topics through songs, stories, games and other fun activities while at night, the channel features gentle visuals accompanied by soft and soothing music.

Da Vinci Learning: Also offers a safe, positive TV avenue where learning becomes a fascinating and fun journey. It combines children’s and documentary channels to create one format based on the philosophy of seamless learning which is centered around a multimedia approach to audiovisual learning for the entire family. The content focuses on topics like science, history, art, and the natural world.

Smile of a Child: For education-themed and religious inspired content for the kids, don’t look further than this channel. The channel has various kids’-relevant programming like Miss Charity’s Diner; The Adventures of Donkey Ollie; Wonders’ Workshop and SuperBook to name but a few.

Pop TV: Here, the kids will be treated to a selection of their favourite programmes like Babar and the Adventures of Badou; Power Rangers Dino Cover and The New Adventures of Lassie.

Nickelodeon:  Arguably the ultimate destination for kids’ content, the channel is available to StarTimes subscribers, enabling the children to access to such programmes and cartoons as SpongeBob Squarepants; Blaze and The Monster Machines; The Fairly Odd Parents; Every Witch Way etc.

Jim Jam: Is a channel for pre-school children, and their parents as well as the children’s care-givers. It complements parenting by providing a stimulating, fun and safe avenue for young children. Its programmes feature some of the well-known and popular pre-school TV characters.


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