Kaizala – The Microsoft app simplifying communication for team members

By Siddhartha Chudasama

Kaizala is a brand new fresh-faced app launched by Microsoft to be used together with the Office 365 business program. That being said, Kaizala is a superbly well-rounded app that allows you to simplify communication with your entire value chain – be it partners, field employees, colleagues and customers wherever they are, utilizing the simple concept of chat.

Essentially, this app is designed to bring together all of your vital information straight into a chat room with whoever presides on your value chain. The app proposes online chat-oriented meetings, to enable productivity within the organization.

Not only does the app allow you to get your work done on chat, it also allows you to keep tabs on things in your work space that are of importance, with simple one click actions, meaning that the days of tedious phone calls will soon be a thing of the past!

Kaizala pairs perfectly with modern day productivity platforms, because in this day and age, each and everyone is connected. The app expounds on that with the utilization of the quick poll feature for example.

Additionally, Kaizala is destined to take a large share of the cake in regards to work management apps as the app allows you to make an announcement or share a post to more than one group at a time, bringing simplicity to the forefront, not to mention efficiency.

Furthermore, the app ingeniously allows you to mark attendance, create a checklist with prioritized Individual statuses, assign tasks, create and plan meetings and create quick polls to get your team’s opinions on something before the task is undertaken, a feature that would particularly would apply to people in the project management sector.

All in all, Kaizala is so far proving to be a brilliant productivity app, combining efficacy with the current trends of modern day tech. The app is on its way to bolstering Microsoft’s applications fleet to dizzying new heights.


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