Here are the Christmas-themed shows to catch on StarTimes this Wednesday  

It’s now two days since we celebrated Christmas. However, that does not been taken to mean that Christmas-themed content are now set to take a break (or have taken a break) from our TV screens till Easter or the next Christmas in 2018.

Because people are still in the Christmas holiday mood – that’s at least until we usher in the New Year on Monday – it’s only fair that they are treated to Christmas-related content. And that’s why StarTimes has set aside a selection of such programming for its subscribers to enjoy as they pass their days during the remaining part of the holidays.

(TOP: The cover of Messiah, an episode in ‘Jesus – Rise to Power’. Photo: NatGeo).

Here are some relevant Christian and Christmas-themed titles available on StarTimes today:

  1. Jesus – Rise to Power: Narrator Michael Scott sets outs across the historic landscapes of the ancient world to discover how and why, in just 400 years, the little-known Judaic cult of Jesus rises from a persecuted minority to become the official religion of the Roman Empire. Catch episode 2 of season today.
  1. The Story of God with Morgan Freeman: Narrated by Morgan Freeman, the series attempts to find answers to some intriguing questions like “where does evil come from?” In a maximum-security prison, Morgan comes face to face with a serial killer, and looks for the physical root of evil in his brain. To find possible answers to such questions and more, watch episode 3 of season 1 of the series today.
  1. Turning Point: An aspirational magazine program that spotlights the voices, insights and lives of Africans and people of African descent around the world. The programme provides viewers with a refreshing mix of insightful features, thought-provoking interviews and inspirational music.
  1. Home for Good: Jesus was born in a stable because there was no room at the Inn. Following on the same theme this Christmas, this GOD TV documentary looks at the exemplary work of Home For Good, a foster care and adoption charity in the UK led by Krish Kandiah.
  1. Traditional Gospel: The Bible says give honour where it is due, and that is exactly what Traditional Gospel does. Tune in and listen to some of the country’s best soul enlightening music.
  1. Jewish Voice – Rabbi: Rbii Jonathan Bernis, founder of Jewish Voice Ministries, provides valuable insights into the Jewish roots of Christianity, Bible prophecy and world events surrounding Israel.
  1. FLYING HOUSE: This series educates and informs children between the ages of 5 to 10 by teaching Bible stories that highlight important character traits such as honesty and courage.

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