Huawei named as market leader in customer analytics solutions for MNOs

Ovum, an analyst and consulting company, has positioned Huawei as one of the market leaders in its latest report on Customer Analytics Solutions for telecom operators.

The report entitled Ovum Decision Matrix on selecting a customer analytics solution for Telcos in 2017-2018, evaluates global top telecom customer analytics solution providers by assessing their technology, market impact and strategy execution. Based on its research and assessments, participating providers were categorized as either market leaders or market challengers. The report can be used as a reference for telecom operators to select their customer analytics solutions providers.

In the report, Ovum pointed out that Huawei has advantages in big data analytics cloud platforms, data governance and converged data modelling. Huawei also has a good understanding of telecom operators’ business needs. This understanding not only helps operators to use customer insight for their marketing and customer services, to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience, but also helps operators provide innovative digital services for external vertical industries based on customer insights such as personal credit ratings, bringing value to operators.

For acquiring competitive advantages in rapidly changing markets, telecom operators need to improve existing customer experiences, acquire new customers, and increase new sources of revenue. This drives telecom operators’ needs on comprehensive and real-time customer insight, and operators’ demands on customer analytics solutions also change from an island-based architecture that relies on single data source analytics to big data analytics that uses multiple data sources.

With technical capability in the field of cloud computing and big data as well as its knowledge of the telecom industry, Huawei provides operators with FusionInsight-Universe Analytics, a big data analytics cloud platform which integrates tools of data integration, data management and insight and analytics. Operators can quickly generate customer insights based on their multiple data sources such as BSS, OSS, and MIS, and use insights obtained to support enterprise digital operations or to have data service innovations to meet market challenges.


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