ABBY’s new version of TextGrabber for Android app captures text in real-time

ABBYY, a global provider of intelligent capture solutions for businesses and individuals, has announced the release of TextGrabber 2.0 for Android with Real-Time Recognition and a completely redesigned interface. The new version of  TextGrabber for both iOS and Android transforms text within a camera viewer into digital data in real time, to help users capture, share, translate, and use text, links, phone numbers, addresses, promo codes, and other printed information on the go. This new capability works in both online and offline modes.

With TextGrabber 2.0, Android users can lift printed text of any color from any background in live video stream, directly on the camera preview screen of a mobile device, without the need to take a photo or crop it. Recognition is performed locally on the device, no Internet connection is needed. The technology works with 61 languages, the biggest number on the market in its category.

Digitized text instantly becomes actionable: it can be copied, edited, shared, translated into 104 languages or voiced. Links, phone numbers, email addresses, and street addresses become clickable connecting the user to a corresponding task: follow, call, email or find on maps. All the digitized texts are saved in the app easily accessible for further use. The translation feature currently requires an Internet connection. Offline translation is scheduled to come to TextGrabber as part of future updates.

TextGrabber is essential for travel, business, and school as it quickly and accurately captures printed text in a foreign language and translates it into the user’s language of choice. The app also serves the needs of people with low vision who will be able to hear virtually any text from print, computer or TV screen with minimum effort or delay. “We are excited to bring Real-Time Recognition to Android users.

“The new instant, virtually effortless capture combined with the sleek and modern interface makes TextGrabber a perfect tool for everyday tasks and travel,” comments Bruce Orcutt, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at ABBYY. “The application also fits perfectly into ABBYY’s comprehensive portfolio of AI-powered intelligent capture and digital transformation tools ranging from top-of-the-line mobile OCR to enterprise-level automated document processing solutions“.

The new capabilities were added using ABBYY’s proprietary Real-Time Recognition SDK, the new generation of ABBYY intelligent capture technology. RTR SDK allows businesses to enhance their customer experience: information from printed documents is digitized within seconds and transferred directly into online forms or apps. As no photos are stored on the device, the technology is suitable for use cases that have to meet high security and compliance standards.

TextGrabber for Android is available on Google Play for US $2.99 from December 12 – 17, 2017 after which the regular price will be US $9.99.

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