Leave your neighbor(s) in peace by getting your own Startimes decoder this Christmas

For those who can relate – or old enough to remember – there was a time when very few households had TV sets. This meant that in a residential plot with say 5 families (or units whichever way you may call it), only 2 families had acquired TV sets.

The feeling that came with being among the only families with a TV set within a compound was envious, that’s until that item of privilege soon led to them not having their so-called ‘family time’ and privacy due to neighbours coming in to watch programmes on TV.

Imagine a family of 4 – that’s the parents and their 2 kids – having 5 other people in the house who have come in just to watch TV. And they’re neighbours so you can’t ask them to leave when you want to retire to bed in the name of courtesy.

There are numerous stories of families (and households) which, in order not be to be inconvenienced by neighbours coming in to watch TV, either had their meals way before the favourite programmes and pushed their meal times forward after the departure of the neighbours. Some even took it further and used dark curtains to cover their windows to avoid being disturbed by those coming in to watch programmes at night in the guise that they’re already in bed and the TV is off. Of course this meant that the volume had to be turned low, only audible within the sitting room.

Anyway, that was then and this now. Even though almost all households – in urban centres anyway – now have TV sets, not all have so far managed to acquire decoders. This means that once in a while, they still find themselves at the neighbour’s in order to catch up on their favourite prgramme(s).

And this is what Startimes wants to change this festive season by helping households get their decoders at significantly reduced prices, so that they don’t have to go to the neighbours to watch TV.

With only a few days to Christmas, StarTimes is giving you a chance to buy a new SD Decoder for a discounted price of just Kshs 1,499, together with 1 month free access to Classic Bouquet. The other option is the COMBO decoder now going for Kshs 1,599 with a free 1 month access to either Super or Unique bouquet. Then, should your budget allow, you can upgrade by getting COMBO decoder full kit for just Kshs 3,599, an offer which is valid from till January 31, 2018.

After getting your own Startimes decoder, you – and your guests – are free to watch whatever you want on your screen. And not be at the mercy of what the neighbour – and members of his /her household – would like to watch.

That’s why you need to #UpgradeNaStarTimes and have your #WishesDelivered

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