Sony introduces two new models of EXTRA BASS speakers in Kenya

Sony has added two new speakers to the EXTRA BASS family. Carrying the range forward are the GTK-XB60 and GTK-XB90, which pack the best volume range in the series for deeper basses and bigger drops, in bigger party-sized but still conveniently portable frames.

A host of other new features will also allow party lovers to personalise and host the most anticipated parties in their social calendars. 

(TOP: Sony Extra Bass XB90 speaker). 

EXTRA BASS is better than ever with hardware improvements to reproduce powerful sound with high sound pressure. With a long battery life, three different power supply modes to make the party last longer and the option to hook up even more devices wirelessly, these speakers are something to shout about.


The same EXTRA BASS technology but now with up to 14 hours of built-in battery life makes it possible to party on the go with the mighty XB60. It also offers the option of switching between power supply modes to make it easy to keep the party going with AC and Stamina mode when running on battery.

But why stop at one? Wireless Party Chain can connect up to 10 EXTRA BASS speakers1, to bring more power to the party. Friends can join in the fun with multi-device connections of up to three smartphones at once, so everyone can get their shot at being the DJ.

Line, speaker and strobe lighting give the party an edge with the lighting adapting to the music. From EDM to grime to pop, the XB60 can sync to any song. Customised lighting options with  the Sony Music Center & Fiestable apps on mobile devices, put all the power of this lightweight, compact but mighty speaker in an easy-to-use interface!


The EXTRA BASS XB90 has infinity mirror lighting to replicate festival lighting. Coupled with higher sound pressure, it’s easy for diehard fans to imagine they’re watching their favourite DJ live.

The bigger brother to the XB60, the XB90 can last for up to 16 hours on a 4-hour charge. Additional party features on the Fiestable app such as customisable lighting, motion control, sampler effects and DJ control mean that it’s easy to be in control of the party and how the speaker acts. Alternatively, let the XB90 do its thing as it syncs to the lighting or up the fun quotient with Wireless Party Chain so everyone can connect their EXTRA BASS speakers for a huge party anywhere, anytime.

The GTK-XB60 is available for Kshs 40,000 in black, blue and red while the GTK-XB90 is available for Kshs 50,000 in black at Anisuma and Gametronics outlets.

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