Southern Africa team gets third prize at Huawei OWS Developer Contest

The finals of the Huawei OWS Developer Contest were recently held at the firm’s headquarters in Shenzhen, China. The OWS Developer Contest aims to encourage Huawei services staff to be innovative and develop new apps based on the Operations Web Services (OWS) platform to support them in their daily operations.

It creates a culture and mindset of ‘Everyone is a Developer’ by tapping the talent and creativity of Huawei staff to help enrich apps for telecommunication operations, which in turn will help operators on their own digital transformation journey.

(TOP: The representative of the First Prize winning team – WFM-CS App from China – displays the dummy cheque while Tang Qibing, Huawei’s President of Global Technical Service Department, looks on).

OWS is an enabling platform for Huawei’s ICT operations. Its unique business orchestration capabilities allow non-IT-enabled operation engineers to flexibly develop operation applications, which effectively improve the efficiency and quality of operations. Currently, in this global unified operations cloud platform, Huawei has over 160,000 registered users, over 6500 registered developers, and 220 projects deployed.

For the 2017 OWS Developer Contest, more than 160 app entries were submitted by operations engineers from around the world. After voting and judging, 10 outstanding apps from the Middle East, Southern Africa, Latin America, Southern Pacific, China, Russia, Southern-East Asia, and CEE and Nordic European regions were selected to enter the final. The selected apps included ones from the operations, purchase, subcontractor management, and sales management fields.

Making his opening remarks, Shen Huifeng, Director of Huawei’s Assurance and Managed Services Department, said that as the biggest ICT operations service solution provider, Huawei should change first by using digital technology and management, then from its experience, help customers to overcome these challenges.

Finally, the judges selected the winner based on several criteria such as business value, generalization, innovativeness and development prospects. First Prize was awarded to the WFM-CS App from the China region. Second prize was awarded to the Salesforce Mgmt@OWS App from the Southern Pacific region and also to the ‘Battery preparation duration calculation’ App from Middle East region. Third prize was awarded to CPR (Capacity Request) Management App from the CEE and Nordic European region, Telenor PM OI App from the Southern-East Asia region and the Site WO density map App from the Southern Africa region.

In his closing remarks, Tang Qibing, President of Global Technical Services Department, Huawei, explained that for the next three years, the Global Technical Service Department must have the features of digital and software automation to transform the legacy hardware installation working model into a combined software-hardware model. He also said that the OWS platform has already established good practices in digital operations and software and that Huawei should extend its experience to other fields beyond operations.


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