Here are the programmes coming to Showmax Kenya this February

It’s another big month at Showmax with a whole lot more binge-worthy shows being added this month! Series fans are in for a treat with shows like The Cleaner, Killjoys and The Handmaid’s Tale, all available from February 1, 2018. On the movie front we’re adding top class titles like The Borrowers, Grease and West Side Story. And be sure to check out One Room and House Husband as our local additions.

Series Additions

American Crim on Showmax Image CBS
American Crime S1-2 is coming to Showmax. Image: CBS

The Handmaid’s Tale S1
Once, June had a husband, a job, a life. Now she’s Offred, enslaved as a walking womb in a country where the only thing rarer than pregnancy is escape.
Planned release date: 01/02

Emily Owens MD S1
Emily was a geek in school, so she hoped her surgery career would be different. But that might’ve been too much to ask for in this cute romantic drama.
Planned release date: 01/02

The Collection S1 (BBC) 
Scandal, drama, feuds and romance power the halls of an illustrious fashion house as two brothers try to raise it from the ashes. But can they avoid destroying each other?
Planned release date: 01/02

No Tomorrow S1 
Evie’s life is super ordered – and going nowhere. Then she meets the hunky Xavier, who might be perfect… except he thinks the world will end in a few months.
Planned release date: 01/02

Thirteen S1 (BBC)
Ivy escapes from a house 13 years after she was first abducted. Soon she is reunited with her family, but not everything is what it seems in this mysterious drama.
Planned release date: 01/02

The Cleaner S1 – S2 
An award-winning series about an addict who makes a promise to turn his life around and help other addicts – even if it takes extreme tactics to save them.
Planned release date: 01/02

Killjoys S1 
Killjoys hunt dangerous criminals in the worst parts of space in this action-packed series. No job is too tough or dangerous, not with these three bounty hunters on the job.
Planned release date: 01/02

American Crime S1 – S2 
A simple crime can cause worlds to collide in this brilliant, award-winning crime drama anthology, where good intentions can be as dangerous as bad acts…
Planned release date: 01/02

Under the Dome S1 – S3 
Local residents wake up to find their town covered by a transparent dome. Can they escape before they destroy each other? Based on a Stephen King novel.
Planned release date: 01/02

The L-Word S1 – S6 
Enjoy this long-running and award-winning drama about the lives and loves of a group of women in LA, with all the hookups, breakups… and everything in between.
Planned release date: 01/02

Sleeper Cell S1 – S2
When you’re deep undercover in the middle of a terrorist cell planning an attack on homegrown soil, who can you trust? Don’t miss this intense and nail-biting series.
Planned release date: 01/02

Movie Additions

Gone Baby Gone on Showmax Image Miramax
Image: Miramax

The Immigrant
A stranger in a strange land, with no help, and her sister in quarantine, a nurse is forced to become a prostitute in this searing period drama.
Planned release date: 01/02

Gone Baby Gone 
Things are not what they seem in this tense and brilliant thriller about a kidnapped girl and the only person who seems interested in finding her.
Planned release date: 05/02

Vianne has a special gift for making chocolate that will tempt anyone, a challenge for the conservative village she moves to in this delightful and heart-warming drama.
Planned release date: 05/02

West Side Story 
Two lovers must face the odds and choose between themselves and their gangs, because the groups are at the verge of all-out war in this musical classic.
Planned release date: 08/02

The Borrowers 
The tiny borrowers live in harmony with humans, until an evil lawyer takes over the house. Well, he never reckoned on the tiny people fighting back.
Planned release date: 08/02

High school isn’t easy, especially when your holliday crush shows up. But if you have a few songs and some friends, everything will work out in this toe-tapping classic.
Planned release date: 12/02

The 40 Year-Old Virgin
Andy loves spending time with his friends. But he’s never been in a relationship or even had sex, despite being 40 years old. Then he meets Trish…
Planned release date: 12/02

Something New
Kenya has two men charming her, one is the type she’s always dreamed of and the other is totally different. But sometimes life doesn’t turn out as expected…
Planned release date: 12/02

Shall We Dance? 
Despite having a full life, John yearns for more. Then he sees a woman dancing and decides to dance too. But his new pleasure might cost him his family…
Planned release date: 12/02

Pan’s Labyrinth 
Beauty and horror come together in this adult fairytale about a girl who finds a special and terrifying secret in the garden, where she has a chance to become immortal.
Planned release date: 19/02

Change comes to a strict catholic school. Yet when the head nun suspects the reforming priest is abusing students, nobody believes her and she has to fight for them.
Planned release date: 19/02

Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert 
Hit the road in this cult classic spectacular! Three drag queens take to the road and tour the outback of Australia, whether the locals are ready for it or not!
Planned release date: 22/02

Forrest Gump 
The slow-witted Forrest may seem disadvantaged, but his life story, full of triumphs and friends, will inspire you in this much-loved Steven Spielberg masterpiece starring Tom Hanks.
Planned release date: 26/02

Cast Away 
Survival is only a small part of life, as a man learns when he is stranded on a remote island. Starring Tom Hanks.
Planned release date: 26/02

An overprotective mother races to California when her son drops out of college to take up surfing. Then she gets drawn into his world, the waves, and a new life.
Planned release date: 26/02

Moses isn’t a smart criminal and undercover cop Jack wants him testify against his bosses, but he underestimates just how stupid Moses can be.
Planned release date: 26/02

Kids’ Shows

Timmy Time on Showmax
Image: Aardman

Piggy Tales
The naughty pigs from Angry Birds are at it again: building stuff! But pigs are not the best builders and they spend more time getting out of trouble.
Planned release date: 01/02

Timmy’s Seaside Rescue 
Oh no! Teddy and Bumpy have stranded themselves, so it’s up to Timmy and Osbourne to rescue them in their little boat. Join them on this exciting adventure.
Planned release date: 05/02

Space Racers S2
The adventurers of the Stardust Space Academy are prepared for anything, and science is there to help them. From haunted asteroids to academy contests, they are ready for it all.
Planned release date: 08/02

Woozle & Pip S1
Woozle and Pip are best friends. Together the two lovable dogs go on adventures, discovering new experiences and learning that getting along means everyone wins.
Planned release date: 12/02

So Awkward! S1-3 
It sucks being socially awkward, especially at school. But at least Lily, Jas and Martha have each other as they try to figure out life, boys and themselves.
Planned release date: 15/02

Trunk Train S1
A forgetful elephant, a vegetarian anteater, and termites that think they are aliens – that’s a strange group. But put them on a train and you have an adventure.
Planned release date: 22/02

Documentary Additions

Point of Order on ShoSpecial Forces Ultimate Hell Week on Showmaxwmax
Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week is coming to Showmax. Image: BBC

The Truth About E97-100
The sporting world attracts myths and conspiracies. But what’s fact and what’s fiction? Inverleigh explores a range of stories that give a new perspective to your favourite sports.
Planned release date: 08/02

All Star Comedy Jam
Rounding up some of the best and most sought-after standup comedians, you’ll laugh so hard you might not be able to get through this hilarious show in one sitting.
Planned release date: 12/02

Naked SNCTM 
Get to know the most exclusive, high-end erotic club, SNCTM, and the people who inhabit it in this eye-opening documentary series.
Planned release date: 12/02

We Are Many 
In 2003, millions across the world gathered to protest against the Iraq War. This documentary tells the story of the largest protest event in human history, when many became one.
Planned release date: 15/02

A Girl In the River: The Price of Forgiveness (HBO) 
A Pakistani woman didn’t know falling in love would mean death. But she survived and now takes us into the dark world of honour killings in this unmissable documentary.
Planned release date: 19/02

Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week S1 (BBC) 
How tough and fit are you? Tough enough to attempt special forces training? The contestants of this show think so, but not all of them are going to make it.
Planned release date: 22/02

African Additions

One Room on Showmax
Image: AFL

Saida E46-91
Two star-crossed lovers have to keep their relationship a secret. Saida has grown up in a wheelchair and her world opens up when she meets someone who finally understands her.
Planned release date: 01/02

One Room
A gripping story reflecting the troubled times of woman with a serious burden, and the shocking path she takes in finding fulfilment.
Planned release date: 15/02

House Husband
Kyana is overwhelmed as a housewife but Chude, her husband, doesn’t understand why. Then, Chude is fired and Kyana gets a job and their roles are reversed. Can Chude cope?
Planned release date: 22/02

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