In 2018, we will focus more on core businesses, continuous innovation – ZTE chair

New Year is coming and everything is getting refreshed. At this moment of celebrating the New Year, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all ZTErs and your families for your continued contributions to ZTE in the past year and to each of our customers, partners, investors and the public for your consistent support to ZTE.

In 2017, ZTE has achieved steady development with high morale. We focused on our core businesses and continuously increased investments in R&D, maintaining technological leadership in 5G radio, core network, bearer network and chipset area. We focused on the major operator market and high-value customers, proactively contributing to network development globally and technological evolution. We actively explored new technologies and worked closely with industrial partners with an open attitude to build up a win-win industrial ecosystem. We are committed to compliance governance and strengthening internal control, protecting and paying attention to employees’ and shareholders’ interests.

(TOP: Yin Yimin, chairman, ZTE. Photo: YouTube).

The history of ZTE is a process of continued development and growth based on the persistent and arduous efforts of each ZTEr along with each technological evolution. As the 5G commercialization accelerates and telecommunication infrastructure upgrades, ZTE once again stands on the mountain top of the new technological revolution. All ZTErs must be determined to address historic challenges and opportunities to write a new script.

In 2018, we will focus more on core businesses and continuous innovation, firmly executing and delivering the Strategy 2020, to reward employees, customers, partners and investors with a better performance. We will further integrate internal and external resources, focus on mainstream markets and mainstream products, and continuously improve customer satisfaction and market share. We will insist on core technology innovation and continuously improve the competitiveness of our products. We will solicit first-class talent, strengthen compliance and internal control to improve corporate governance.

2018 will be a critical year for our Strategy 2020. For our dream and goal, all ZTErs shall carry on our company’s core values, to be determined and fully committed, to devote every effort to embrace the best of times!

Wish you and your families a happy and healthy new year!

(This post is the New Year statement by Yimin Yimin, chairman, ZTE to staff and partners posted on the company’s website).

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