jp.ik targets students, teachers with 2 JP-branded e-learning devices

With more than 10 years of experience in the education sector and dozens of successful and ongoing large-scale education projects, jp.ik is coming of age.

Since May 2017, jp.ik has owned the full process of manufacturing education reference designs, which have the potential to transform the learning experience for both children and teachers. And 2018 marks the arrival of JP, the new global brand for education, which was developed with two product lines in mind for two segments of market.

JP Classmate PC, designed for K12, targets the global market and embraces the devices especially designed for education. In this first quarter of the year, two of the devices under the spotlight are JP Classmate PC LEAP T303 and JP Classmate PC TURN T302r. JP Classmate PC LEAP T303 is a learning tool in laptop form, which has a high performance and functionality, enhancing a more productive user experience.

The JP Classmate PC TURN T302r, on the other hand, was built to last, thinking of how students are active and curious explorers by nature. Being 360º convertible translates into a more versatile, faster and more efficient learning experience. Adding the active stylus allows the learners to monetize their study time. A long battery life is suitable for a learning environment, allowing the students to work with the devices the entire school day.

For its turn, JP TRIGONO comes into light thinking of the active lives of university students and teachers and its main markets are Europe, USA and Latin America. In this first quarter of the year, JP TRIGONO V401 provides a great user experience, with a more effective interaction with the device.

The integration of Windows 10 S enhances the user experience, the performance and productivity, which is crucial for education. For that, the company supports Windows 10 S and Pro in these new devices, enabling the user to reclaim control of the device by using the fingerprint sensor.

“We’re thrilled that JP is bringing their versatile and affordable Windows 10 S PCs, designed specifically for education, to more schools around the world,” said Peter Han, VP, Partner Devices and Solutions, Microsoft. “With cutting-edge technology like touch, inking and 3D as well as Office 365 and Learning Tools, Windows PCs are empowering students and teachers to create the world of tomorrow.”

“We quickly became the leader of a global reference initiative pioneering ICT-based education and we are now number one in implementing large-scale education projects. Our expertise and boldness allow us to go further and do what no one else does, for which the close partnerships we have developed over the years are crucial. For instance, Microsoft is a close and long-term partner. The arrival of the brand JP states a new level of our journey. And now it is time to share and this is why JP has born!” commented Jorge Sá Couto, chairman, jp.ik.

The arrival of the new JP-branded devies highlights the next step of a unique journey to deepen the learning experience through technology that enhances S.T.E.A.M. approach, promoting the development of crucial of 21st century skills, such as, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, imagination and citizenship, empowering learners and teachers to take up the challenges of the modern labour market.

jp.ik, which aims to transform education through technology, has developed exclusive partnerships with other ICT solutions providers, enabling the firm to serve more than 14 million students worldwide in more than 20 large-scale education projects.

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