Nairobi to host regional digital farmers conference and expo in April

‘Smart Farmer’ magazine and the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO) are set to host the first Digital Farmers Conference and Exhibition in Kenya towards the end of April.

The three-day event, set for April 25 – 27, 2018 at KALRO head offices in Nairobi, comes at a time when the agricultural industry in Africa is experiencing a transformation driven by the increased adoption of technology on different frontiers. Through the digitization of agriculture, farmers have easy access to markets, can accurately predict the weather and enjoy superior seed quality. Technology has increased value for the modern day farmer and agribusiness owners by allowing them to manage with levels of precision and insight that were previously unimaginable.

Under the overall theme of “Enabling Farming through ICT & Innovation”, the conference and expo aims to help farmers and other value chain actors harness the benefits of technology and data, and drive the adoption of these digital tools by farmers. It’s overall goal is to empower smallholder farmers and their value chains on new and existing ICT innovations.

The event expects to draw participation from government agencies, international development agencies, smallholder farmers groups as well as the general public. Already, over 70 firms from agriculture, technology, investment as well as finance and banking have expressed interest in participation.


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