APA Insurance deploys IBM solution for quicker claims processing, enhanced customer service

The insurance underwriter can now gain greater visibility into policies, premiums and loss ratios through IBM Analytics Solutions

APA Insurance, which caters to both individuals and corporates across the country, has turned to IBM to ensure an improved customer experience. This includes quicker claims processing, more relevant premiums to ensure customer satisfaction, and retention of its medical customers.

APA Insurance manages large volumes of data on policies, policy holders, risk assessment and claims histories. Collating this information and transforming it into information from which management could derive real insights, proved difficult. IBM, with the support of its local business partner, Comztech, engaged with APA stakeholders in utilizing IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) software to help solve the challenges the Insurance provider was facing. Comztech designed the reporting dashboard to meet APA’s expectations.

(TOP: A video demo of IBM Cognos BI. Photo: YouTube). 

Additionally, APA Insurance needed to have a single view of their health client database to assist them with improved product offerings based on client experience and requirements. As part of the solution, IBM has continued to evaluate APA’s adoption and integration. In addition, APA leverages support from IBM business partner, Comztech to assist in the company’s analytic journey.

“With IBM Cognos Solutions, we have greater visibility into medical policies, premiums, and claims experience through enhanced dashboards and reports. The dashboards provide us with insightful customer analytics that is helpful as we work on improving our product offerings.,” said Vinod Bharatan, the CEO of APA Insurance.

“The solution offers the entire business intelligence stack needed to visualize APA’s data. Its smarter, self service capabilities and the continuous availability of APA Insurance team made the implementation seamless.” said Felix Munyoki, the Systems Engineer of Comztech. 

A report published by the International Institute for Analytics (IIA)in 2017 found that the insurance industry internationally is having a difficult time making sense of all the data they gather, IBM Cognos BI provides organizations fast access to data insights. The suite of tools enables users to explore, query, manage and create intuitive data visualization reports that help them begin making data-driven decisions.

“By leveraging IBM Analytics to mine and analyze data, APA has been able to discover new reliable insights and trends in a timely manner, offering a single source of truth. This has helped to improve customer service, claims settlement and ultimately improved customer loyalty and enhanced the company’s bottom line,” said Nik Nesbitt, Country General Manager, IBM East Africa.

APA Insurance is part of the Apollo Group, one of the insurance groups operating in East Africa, providing a broad array of insurance solutions across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. APA is one of Kenya’s largest non-life insurers and provides access to Motor, Liability, Agriculture, Property and Health insurance as well as a unique range of micro-insurance products. Its other primary insurance business units include APA Life Insurance, APA Insurance in Uganda; an asset management company, Apollo Asset Management; and a property company, Gordon Court. The Apollo Associate in Tanzania is Reliance Insurance Company.

IBM Cognos Analytics is an enterprise BI platform for governed data discovery and managed reporting that automates the creation of reports and dashboards so users have the freedom to do it on their own. The user experience is designed for business professionals so they can easily prepare, create and visualize content using the built-in intelligence to guide them.

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