MYDAWA to distribute Kshs 2 million worth of drugs over the next 6 months

MYDAWA, an e-health platform, is set to distribute Kshs 2 million worth of drugs over the next 6 months. The drive which began in Mombasa in January this year at Coast General Hospital made a stop-over at Komarock Healthcare Hospital in Utawala, Nairobi this past week.

The distribution list ranges from prescription medicines such as antibiotics and non-prescription medicines and wellness boosters such as vitamins and food supplements.

(TOP: Tony Wood, MYDAWA MD – left – while handing over the drugs consignment to Dr Selesio Nyamu, MD, Komarock Healthcare Hospital, Nairobi).  

“One of the major challenges the health sector has to contend with is a constant supply of medicines, especially in public health facilities which has left many patients with no option but to purchase drugs at private pharmacies often at a higher cost, but potentially still at low quality,” said Tony Wood , MYDAWA MD during the donation drive at the Komarock Healthcare Hospital.

Wood further added that access to medicines is a fundamental right for every human being and a pre-requisite to achieving universal health access, a key pillar of the Big 4 agenda of the National Government. Health impact indicators suggest that there are wide disparities in healthcare management which are mostly because of socio-economic, gender and geographical differences.

“MYDAWA seeks to bridge some of these gaps through this six-month donation drive every year. We hope that our efforts inch the country a step closer to achieving better health care outcomes for everyone,” said Wood.

The drive is part of MYDAWA’s CSR initiative and is at the backbone of the company’s four pillars that seeks to ensure quality, affordable, cost- effective and convenient access to medicines.

Also speaking during the drive, Dr Selesio Nyamu, MD, Komarock Healthcare Hospital, expressed his appreciation to MYDAWA for the donation.

“At Komarock Healthcare Hospital we are driven by our purpose to improve the quality of life for every person who comes through our doors and elevate the community. There is no greater gift than that of good health and we are thankful MYDAWA is indeed helping us achieve this purpose and considering our facility as a recipient for this noble cause,” said Nyamu.

MYDAWA is an e-commerce platform that enables consumers to conveniently purchase authentic high-quality medicines, health and wellness products. It is a technology-based solution developed in Nairobi, Kenya in partnership with a diverse array of healthcare practitioners and suppliers. MYDAWA aims to bridge the gaps between healthcare providers and patients thus improving quality and cost of care.

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