Months after joining Avid PR, Rodgers Wabito moves to Internet Solutions as head of PR

Less than a year since he left Tell-EM PR to join Avid PR as a senior account manager, Rodgers Wabito has left the agency and moved to recently-rebranded IT firm – Internet Solutions – as head of PR and Communications. Effectively, Wabito now replaces Emily Kinuthia who handled both Communications and Marketing functions at the firm before leaving the position at the end of last year.

Wabito joined Tell-Em in mid 2014 from Hill and Knowlton (H+K) Strategies and left at the end of April 2017 before joining Avid PR at the beginning of May. His predecessor, Emily Kinuthia, left Internet Solutions (IS) for the banking industry, joining NIC Bank in similar role.

(TOP: Rodgers Wabito, Internet Solutions’ new head of PR and Communications).

His PR stint began in mid 2007 at Gina Din Corporate Communications (now Gina Din Group) where he served as a Media Executive until mid 2010 when he was elevated to Account Manager. It is from this role that he later moved to H+K. At Tell-Em, Wabito was part of the team that handled various tech-related accounts including Microsoft, Truecaller, Huawei and Oracle.

It seems Wabito did not quite settle at Avid, an indicator being his professional profile which doesn’t mention the company. And tellingly, having moved to Internet Solutions just this month, this is already indicated in his LinkedIn page, while Avid doesn’t appear anywhere or has been edited out.

Interestingly, Avid PR’s parent company, BSD Group (acronym for Brand, Strategy and Design) does branding for Internet Solutions. BSD was also in charge of the firm’s change management process from Access Kenya to Internet Solutions.

Below is the message Wabito sent to colleagues announcing his new career move:

I hope you are keeping well. First off, I’d like to thank you all for your great support over the years. Managing clients is not an easy at times but with your help I’ve been able to help build and grow the business of many local and international brands that I have handled their PR and Communication in the last 10years or so. It has been an interesting, insightful but challenging journey working at different PR agencies after leaving the newsroom.

Now it’s time to shift gears again from the agency to the corporate world. I have joined Internet Solutions, formerly AccessKenya and my focus now is to help grow the brand in the local market through stakeholder management and strategic communication. Therefore I’d humbly welcome you to walk with me on this exciting journey as you have always done in the past. I am who I am today not only because of my own efforts and mentorship from my peers within the industry but also because of your immense support, which I don’t take for granted.

Should you have any news/feature stories you are writing on the ICT industry and you need a resource to give insights or an expert opinion, I would be happy to assist . At Internet Solutions,  we have a wealth of expertise on matters Cloud, Connectivity, Data Back Up and recovery, Cyber Security and Business Continuity among others.


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