INTERPOL meeting discusses cyber security concerns at major sporting events

In response to the cyber environment posing security challenges to major sporting and other public events, global cyber experts recently met with Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy to develop and implement best practices to mitigate future cyber risks.

Convening under the auspices of INTERPOL’s Project Stadia, the security experts reviewed the cyber threat landscape and how it can impact public safety operations.

(TOP: The main objective of the 3rd Cyber Security Expert Group meeting on March25, 2018, was to shape best practices in four key areas. Photo: INTERPOL).

The main objective of the 3rd Cyber Security Expert Group meeting, held on March 25, 2018, was to shape best practices in the following key areas: Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial control systems; National cyber security capability; Cyber security risk management and Venue cyber security operations.

Established by INTERPOL in 2012 and funded by Qatar, the 10-year Project Stadia will contribute to policing and security arrangements for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and aims to leave a lasting legacy for the world’s law enforcement community.

By bringing together good practices, successes and lessons learnt from member countries which have successfully hosted major international sporting events, the project can help future hosts strengthen their own preparations with the latest knowledge and expertise.

“Through Project Stadia, INTERPOL has created a ready network of specialists around the world to shape future efforts for securing major public events. Better understanding the global threat environment and its implications is vital for nations hosting future major events,” said Falah Al Dosari, Senior Project Manager, Project Stadia.

To achieve this, Project Stadia organizes expert group meetings and workshops on the key themes of physical security, legislation and cybersecurity.

The lessons learnt from the range of Project Stadia’s activities is consolidated and shared among all INTERPOL member countries via its web-based knowledge management system to help them plan and carry out policing and security preparations for major events.


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