Morocco’s FIMME, France’s Arts et Métiers ParisTech sign MoU for technical cooperation

As part of the Industrial Acceleration Plan (PIA), which aims to establish more efficient industrial ecosystems by consolidating local relations between large companies and SMEs, the Federation of Industries, Metallurgical and Electromechanical (FIMME) which coordinates a strategic industrial sector gathering more than 1,600 companies in Morocco signed a MoU to launch a broad cooperation with Arts et Métiers ParisTech, a leading French school engineers. The Mou was signed on Thursday, April 12, 2018 during the inauguration ceremony of SISTEP 2018 in Casablanca.

Founding member of the Alliance Industry du Futur, launched by the French government in April 2015 to support the 4th industrial revolution, Arts et Métiers supports companies in the industrial sector in France towards these new technological changes by promoting the creation in the territories of ecosystems.

As part of its international development, Arts et Métiers, a large technology company that trains more than 6,000 students per year on 8 campuses and 3 institutes spread over French territory, plans to establish a 9th campus based in Morocco in the eco-city of Zenata. This campus, built around a technological platform showcasing innovative technologies of the industry of the future, aims to support the Moroccan industrial acceleration plan in the context of cooperation between the two countries in a shared objective of economic development of the country. African continent.

Arts et Métiers offers to share its know-how to support companies in their development by integrating, or even creating dynamic ecosystems around initial and ongoing training, research, innovation and technology transfer.

It is in this context that the agreement between FIMME and Arts et Métiers, signed by Abdelhamid Souiri, President of FIMME and Laurent Champaney, GM of Arts et Métiers ParisTech, puts forward the will for both parties to work together to jointly develop the training of technicians and managers in the metallurgical, mechanical and electromechanical fields and to study the creation of a joint vocational training center.

The first concrete realization of Arts et Métiers’ commitment to investment in Morocco, this agreement, which aims to be a dynamic engine for industrial growth, will contribute to the emergence of an industrial society as advocated by the Economic and Social Council. and Environmental in their report “Paradigm Shift for a Dynamic Industry for Sustained, Inclusive and Sustainable Development”.

A major technological establishment and founding member of the Future Industry Alliance, Arts et Métiers comprises 8 campuses and 3 institutes spread over French territory. Arts et Métiers’ main mission is to train engineers and executives in industry and services, research training, lifelong training and assistance and expertise in the socio-economic world. Every year, it trains more than 6,000 students from baccalaureate to bac + 8. Through its training, its 14 laboratories and its partnership research, Arts et Métiers wants to contribute to French and European industrial innovation.

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