Dingah hosts sales expo in Nairobi, invites retailers to sell through its mobile app

Dingah Logistics, the company behind the Dingah mobile app and a subsidiary of Vacation Kenya, last weekend held a sales expo at the Hub in Karen. The aim of the Dingah Expo was to bring all shops that sell their items online on the Dingah platform, thereby enabling retailers and shop owners to personally connect with customers and boost their sales.

Through the one-day Expo, held on Saturday May 5, 2018, Dingah Logistics gave retailers an opportunity to sell to potential customers and earn substantial profits as all one needed to do was sign up their shop to the Dingah platform for only Kshs 5,000 per year and be rewarded with a free exhibition space, gain access to monthly business networking sessions as well as ability to apply for and receive business loans.

(TOP: Dingah sales agents on hand to assist and attend to both retailers and customers alike during the Expo at the Hub. BELOW: The action during the expo). 

Apart from the Expo, Dingah Logistics in mid 2017 launched a digital system meant to transform the local taxi industry through its Dingah Lift system which targets the low-end market.

With the Dingah system, the taxi fare is negotiated between the driver and the passenger, with the driver choosing how much he wishes to be paid per seat, meaning he can carry four passengers and make more money per trip compared to the usual minimum charge of Kshs 200.

The new system does not only target PSV licenced taxis, but is equally open to the public, as anyone who has a vehicle can offer a ride to anyone who is going the same direction as them.

The security features put in place is a rating system where both the customers and the driver rate each other. As a passenger or driver willing to find or offer a ride, you can see how the driver has been rated by others and that will inform you on whether to use the vehicle or carry the passenger.

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