YouTube Charts now live in Kenya, shows trending artists, songs and music videos

By Chris Clark

At YouTube, we understand the importance of showcasing and celebrating the hottest artists, songs and music videos from around the world. Today, we’re rolling out a new and improved music charts experience for 44 total global destinations including US, Japan, Germany, Brazil and the UK. The YouTube charts now include a new Trending chart, as well as improved charts for Top Songs, Top Artists, and Top Music Videos all in one spot.  

With more than 1.8 billion global monthly users, YouTube charts is the new go-to destination to see what’s popular, what’s rising and trending both locally and globally on YouTube. The new charts are based purely on the number of views and are a reflection of the success achieved by artists on the world’s most expansive music platform. 

(TOP: Screenshot of YouTube Charts homepage with trending tracks and artistes from Kenya).   

The new YouTube charts include:

Trending (NEW): What’s new and hot in music right now

The new Trending chart is updated multiple times a day to provide a unique, real time view of the hottest new music fans are enjoying. The Trending chart is YouTube’s first dedicated external signal of the most viewed new music on the platform, providing an instant snapshot of what users are reacting to. 

Top Songs: The most played songs on YouTube

The Top Songs chart highlights the number of views of a song on YouTube. Calculated by combining all official versions of a song (including the official music videoofficial song used in user generated content and lyric videos), the Top Songs chart reflects how users are consuming music on the platform and the multiple ways artists are using YouTube to share their music. The Top Songs chart is updated weekly on Sunday at 12pm PST. 

Top Artists: The biggest artists on YouTube

The Top Artists chart highlights the most popular artists on YouTube, based on the total views of their entire discography – official music videosofficial song user generated contentofficial live performances, remixeslyric videosalbum tracks, and collaborations. Top Artists is updated weekly on Sunday at 12pm PST. 

Top Music Videos: The most viewed music videos

The Top Music Videos chart celebrates the music video experience on YouTube, highlighting the most viewed official music videos on the platform. Top Videos is updated weekly on Sunday at 12pm PST.

Full details about how the YouTube charts are calculated can be found here 

We’re just getting started — we’ll Never Be The Same! Expect more charts, more countries and more information about your favourite songs and artists to roll out soon.

(Chris Clark is the Product Manager, YouTube Music).


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