For its e-products, Jubilee Insurance wins continental innovation award in Ghana

Jubilee Insurance has been feted at the African Insurance Awards held at the 45th Africa Insurance Organization (AIO) Annual Conference, held in Accra, Ghana. The company emerged top in the 2018 Innovation of The Year Award category.

Jubilee Insurance CEO Patrick Tumbo acknowledged this recognition and stated that the company has been hard at work to ensure it meets its customers at their point of convenience. “We are cognizant that technology is now an integral part of the insurance value chain and we are leveraging on it to increase the uptake of insurance by offering solutions at the touch of a button,” said Tumbo, adding that “technology and innovation remain a key priority for Jubilee Insurance and the company will continue rolling out different tech-based products to enhance customer experience.”

The 2018 Innovation of the Year Award and the CEO of the Year Award won in 2015 by Jubilee Insurance Kenya CEO Patrick Tumbo, makes the firm the only insurance company that has won two trophies in the Africa Insurance Awards.

Jubilee Insurance has been at the forefront in developing and implementing innovative e-products and solutions in the industry and some of the solutions the company rolled out this year include mobile apps and the use of Artificial Intelligence in customer care, a first of its kind in the insurance industry in East Africa.

The chatbot, “Julie” – Jubilee Insurance Live Intelligent Expert, handles customer queries and tackles everyday insurance requests just like a customer care representative. The two mobile apps (JubiAgent and JubiCare) enables customers and agents to access self-service and e-commerce functionalities via their mobile devices, allowing agents to sell and service our insurance solutions on the go. Additional functionalities of the JubiCare App, allow clients to access all their policy data real-time, as well as geo-locate different Jubilee Insurance medical providers wherever they are.

The Annual African Insurance Awards promote the development of the insurance industry in Africa by honoring distinguished companies and leaders of insurance companies that have raised exceptional standards of competence and achievement, and demonstrated an unprecedented level of insurance industry leadership.

The award comes a month after Jubilee Holdings declared a 13% growth in its pre-tax profit for the year ended December 31 st 2017 to Kshs 5.16 billion up from Kshs 4.56 billion during the same period in 2016. These results place Jubilee Insurance once again as the most stable insurer in the region, resilient and able to protect our clients against the different risks they face.

Jubilee Insurance, established in August 1937, currently serves over 500,000 clients in East Africa. The firm has offices in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Mauritius.


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