After Nairobi expo, Dingah to host Kisumu retailers at an investment cocktail   

After hosting a successful one-day sale at The Hub in Karen, Nairobi, for those who sale their items and products through its mobile Dingah mobile app earlier this month, Dingah Logistics has now set its sights on Kisumu town and its environs.

Dingah Logistics, part of Vacation Kenya, is now set to host a conference-cum-cocktail party dubbed Investment Cocktail on Friday July 6, 2018 at Acacia Premier Hotel.

(TOP: Steven Omollo, the Dingah Logistics CEO, during the expo at The Hub, Karen, Nairobi on May 5, 2018).

Just like during the expo at The Hub, participating individuals and companies will have to pay Kshs 2,000 which gives them access into the conference and cocktail and also allows them to part owners (franchisees) of Dingah through the franchise model the company is keenly promoting.

“Dingah in conjunction with Vacation Kenya wishes to invite you to an investment cocktail party as it launches in Nyanza and Western Kenya. Be part of the event by paying Kshs 2,000 only! This is a perfect investment opportunity for you as you become part of the next big Mobile App company in the world creating wealth and opportunities for others…”, reads a message posted by the company on its Facebook page.

“Kisumu the day has come! Come join us at Acacia Premier Hotel this Friday 25th May 2018 for an investment cocktail party. Don’t miss out! Kisumu Wabiro!!!”

Below is the promo video:

After Kisumu, Dingah plans to expand to Rift Valley by hosting a similar event in Eldoret town before moving either Mombasa or Central Kenya according to the firm’s CEO Steven Omolo.

During the Karen Hub expo, all businesses with shops on the Dingah app were allocated space to display, showcase and sell their items, thereby giving them a new avenue to personally connect with customers and boost their sales.

The one-day Expo, held on Saturday May 5, 2018, Dingah Logistics gave retailers an opportunity to sell to potential customers and earn substantial profits as all one needed to do was sign up their shop to the Dingah platform for only Kshs 5,000 per year and be rewarded with a free exhibition space, gain access to monthly business networking sessions as well as ability to apply for and receive business loans.

Through the franchise model, Dingah Logistics invites retailers to come onboard and own part of the business by being a franchisee, thereby cutting down barriers to trade by having trade partners buying in to the company as franchisees (or agencies) to enable them trade as Dingah from anywhere.

The pilot phase of the franchise programme has been deployed in Kenya, with the whole country being divided into 5 regions according to the provinces to be managed by five franchisees.

The five regions within Kenya are namely: Nairobi and its environs; Central Kenya and its environs covering the Eastern and North Eastern parts of the country; Rift Valley; Coast region and finally, Nyanza covering the western side of the country and the surrounding areas.

“A franchisee is responsible for all the operations within his – or her – region and equally becomes a board member and participates in the key decision making of the company. A franchisee owns 60% equity of the region. S/he is then responsible for selling upto a maximum of 2,000 agency contracts at Kshs 10,000 each and 200 super agents at Kshs 100,000) each,” said Steven Omolo. “This will guarantee any franchisee an annual return of Kshs 24 million every year as all licenses are valid for a year.”

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