Airtel Kenya now offering 4G data users double bonus till June 30, 2018

Like Telkom, Airtel Kenya subscribers on the 4G network are to get double the data bundle they have purchased but with a validity of one month, with the offer running till June 30.

The offer, which coincides with the Muslim month of Ramadhan, comes less than a month since the telco unveiled its 4G network which is currently available in Nairobi and Mombasa.

To subscribe to the offer, one needs to upgrade their SIM card to 4G then dial *544#, then choose option 1 to select the available 30-day bundles, listed below:

The monthly bundles are an addition to the daily Amazing bundles which range from 200MB for Kshs 50; 1GB for Kshs 99 as well as the 2GB package for Kshs 250 which has a 7-day validity.

When it launched it 4G network and even now, Telkom Kenya still rewards its data subscribers with free 4G access equal to the value of the bundle of purchased. However, the bonus bundle can only be used within areas covered the 4G network, which has led many subscribers to complain that the bonus is of no use to them as the coverage is still limited and most of the areas whey they operate from is not covered.

Apart from Airtel Kenya, the two other telcos – Telkom Kenya and Safaricom – are also currently running promos targeted at data users. Telkom for example is currently running an offer where for Kshs 99, subscribers get 2GB of data (instead of the usual 1GB) valid for 24 hours while Safaricom has packaged its data offers according to individual user’s profiles through its Tunukiwa bundles, with the most convenient – if not unique – being the 1GB package for Kshs 69 with a 12-hour validity period.

Earlier this month however, subscribers to the 1GB Tunukiwa bundle (I included) encountered problems as the bundle could expire at 11.59pm, irrespective of when made the subscription or purchased the bundle. Being a 12-hour bundle, the 1GB bundle is meant to be used up 12 hours after subscription, meaning that if one fails to exhaust the units within the stipulated duration, they’ve the option of renewing the subscription before the expiry with the remaining units being rolled over to the 12-hour period of the new bundle. But this has not been happening, with feedback from Safaricom customer care representatives being that the “issue can only be addressed or is being addressed from outside the country”. Let’s hope the issue has since been resolved.


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