Google partners with Mombasa County gov’t to train 5,000 youth on digital skills

Google has partnered with the Mombasa County Government to train 5,000 youth in Mombasa in Digital Skills as part of their Grow with Google programme..

More than 600,000 Kenyan youth have already been trained since 2016 on how to create effective online strategies, social media marketing, and managing time effectively, among other skills.

Through the Grow With Google programme, Google has trained jobseekers and businesses where they are – in roughly 100 communities across a number of countries in Africa including South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

“As the world becomes increasingly digital, the skills that people need to land great jobs or grow successful businesses are changing. The youth make up 60% of Africa’s unemployed, developing digital entrepreneurship and creating new job opportunities for them is critical to Africa’s transformative growth. This year, in addition to the large number we’re also focused on driving impact in everyday people’s lives,” said Google Country Manager Charles Murito.

In targeting communities, Google is partnering with key stakeholders and volunteers to host community launch events, pair communities up to work together based on their level of digital engagement, arrange ongoing meetups and institute community awards in recognition of these efforts.

“Our initial target of training one million young Africans on digital skills was met in March 2017, and we extended the number to 10 million in July 2017. This training is provided to small and medium-sized businesses as well,” added Murito.

By engaging at the community level, Google hopes to get more businesses and individuals online and equipped to take advantage of the opportunities the internet presents to them. In this way, Google is aiming to drive economic growth in Kenyan communities.

Through this strategy, the training will encourage usage of skills learned and ongoing knowledge sharing sessions in communities.

Participants in Kenya will have access to 89 courses offered on the online portal.

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