Truecaller reintroduces ‘Who Viewed Your Profile’ feature for premium subscribers

With over 100 million daily active users, and a growing number of Truecaller Pro subscribers, the company has reintroduced the much requested ‘Who Viewed Your Profile’ feature for its Pro subscribers. The feature allows users to see who has viewed their profile, keeping them prepared for which calls to expect and from whom.

How does it work?

Truecaller Pro users will receive a notification when another user has viewed their profile using Truecaller. However, note that someone simply searching for another person won’t trigger the ‘Who Viewed My Profile’ notification as they need to first tap on the profile for the feature to be triggered.

Depending on the user’s privacy settings, contact information such as phone number or additional information a user may have added could be hidden. Users will still have to send a Contact Request for their details.

Users can always control who views what information on their own profile by going to the ‘Privacy center’ in the Settings of their Truecaller app.

Private Mode

When a user becomes a Pro subscriber, they can toggle on or off Private mode, which means that the other user will not be notified that you have looked at their profile.

This is the first of many new Truecaller Pro features that the company will be releasing. In the coming weeks, the Pro feature will be rebranded to Premium and the company will be adding more features in its continued efforts to make communications safe and efficient.


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